US war crimes in Syria exposed

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With more evidence that the MSM is bought and paid for by the military industrial complex, a recent report that details US war crimes in Syria has unsurprisingly received the “crickets” treatment.

Incredibly, the MSM has no qualms in reporting alleged crimes against humanity, but when the US and its allies are responsible, their silence is deafening.

This transcends partisan politics, as this false dichotomy is meant to be a cover for the criminality of the military industrial complex:


Amid the never-ending mudslinging over Trump’s supposed collusion with the Russians to win the 2016 election, all sides agree that the wars for complete control over the region’s oil reserves must continue and in fact be expanded, regardless of the cost in civilian lives.

The media’s failure to report on the atrocities in Raqqa and its coverup of Amnesty’s findings make them complicit in these crimes. They have made a deliberate decision to conceal from the American people the scope of the crimes carried out in their name in an effort to block the development of broad antiwar sentiments into a politically conscious movement against imperialist war.

A critical role in this effort is played by the pseudo-left, including organizations calling themselves “socialist” who work tirelessly to justify imperialist intervention. The International Socialist Organization has routinely attacked those who oppose the US war in Syria and Washington’s so-called “rebel” proxy forces. They have responded to the repeated illegal missile strikes by President Trump on the Assad government, which could have sparked a war with nuclear-armed Russia, by charging that they did not go far enough, while complaining that both Obama and Trump have failed to do enough to arm the Al Qaeda-linked “rebels” unleashed upon Syria.

Similarly, the Pabloite International Viewpoint published a statement this week calling for a renewal of the war for regime change in Syria, claiming that the US and its imperialist allies have “refused to allow the democratic components of the uprising to defend themselves…,” meaning that the US has not bombed Syria enough or delivered a sufficient amount of weaponry to their proxy forces.

The ever-compliant media has worked with the Pentagon to falsely portray its wars as bloodless surgical operations in which terrorists are being killed with precision bombs, while in fact the bodies of the innocents continue to pile up. The US effort to retake Mosul in Iraq from ISIS in 2016 and 2017 killed as many as 40,000 civilians, according to an estimate by Iraqi Kurdish intelligence, while more than a million people were displaced. The three-year-old Saudi-led war in Yemen, backed by US special forces on the ground, has killed over 13,000 civilians and threatens more than 18 million with starvation.

And now the Trump administration is considering more directly joining the Yemen war, while preparing for a far more dangerous military confrontation with Iran, placing millions more civilians in the crosshairs.


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