USA has collapsed and the world with it – Reorg is now in progress – this is the only excuse fro what is happening – Bond Market has been seized!

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People, I can’t stress this enough – the USA was in dire debt before this – it is NOT better now.

We have been COLLAPSED and now reorganization is taking place!

It is the only way job numbers could be horrendous and yet the stock markets goes up.

This was no mystery = we were on the cusp of collapse for many years – the entire west was – yet when USA goes down -ALL of the world must get reorganized.

Once the market had lost 1/3 – they took complete control out of necessity of “avoiding the impression of collapse”.

They have long had contingency plans for this – so the “button” for one of the plans has been activated. I would not doubt if AI Computer is called this shots now.



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