USA Higher Education becoming a total Joke, while China passes us by!

by Anonymous 

I am a college professor in a state that is supposed to have some of the nations highest education standards in secondary education. I just started my first week of Summer school and cannot believe the number of students who can not read basic instructions. Unlike the typical college syllabi, mine gives a full “detailed” description of all of the assignments and include the dates that the items are due, plus I have an online calendar and weekly announcements (that detail what they need to do each week) on the homepage of my online course yet students don’t seem to be able to figure out what the assignments are and when it is due.

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All this is happening while the college’s are spending more time promoting “CRT, “equity and “woke” culture!! I bet China and most other countries don’t do the same in education, they focus on teaching the skills necessary to succeed in life, not a bunch of crap that will get you nowhere in life, except unemployed with a worthless degree in gender studies or lgbtqrst films, etc…

we as a nation are DONE, unless something drastic happens to get us focused on what made us a great nation in the first place!! A nation where “everyone” could live the American dream (with a little effort)


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