Using Facebook Data 2012 vs 2016: When Obama did it, it was a game-changer, transformative, the forefront of campaign technology; When Trump did it, it was abuse, psychological warfare, exploitation, a major data breach, data harvesting.

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I’ll add some corroborating links from the 2012 Obama-era just incase those go down. For current news, just see current news.

READ  Facebook Amazon Google Twitter ect ect ect suing Florida over anti-deplatforming social media law, freadom of speach or something?


  1. Top left ——— adweek
  2. Top right ——- The Guardian
  3. Bottom left —- MIT Technology Review
  4. Bottom right — TIME
READ  Sen. Cruz argues Facebook was censoring COVID-19 content ‘on behalf of the government’ | Fox News

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