Game-Changer!? Looks like Saudi Oil Field Attack was an “Inside Job”! Yup, another Saudi Arabia False Flag one day after Top Banksters announce IPO of AramCo (Saudi’s National Oil Co.) #BUSTED

by MKUltraSexy Unbelievable article from CNN… Amazing drop of info for MSM: Read closely what they say! Right out of the gate, they even admit they don’t quite believe … Read more

Using Facebook Data 2012 vs 2016: When Obama did it, it was a game-changer, transformative, the forefront of campaign technology; When Trump did it, it was abuse, psychological warfare, exploitation, a major data breach, data harvesting.

Source+ Key Quote I’ll add some corroborating links from the 2012 Obama-era just incase those go down. For current news, just see current news. Archived: Top left ——— adweek Top right … Read more