Utah: Legislature Voted to Allow Non Citizens to be Police

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The legislature almost unanimously voted to allow non citizens to be police, enforcing our laws, in Utah.

The highlighted words above show the deleting of the requirement to be a citizen of the United States to serve as law enforcement in Utah

The bill S.B. 102 Peace Officer Training Qualifications Amendments deletes the requirement to be a US citizen to have a job as law enforcement in the state of Utah.

You think they will be more or less inclined to understand and protect the constitution and your rights?

Should *anyone at all* be a police officer, charged with protecting rights, who doesn’t have a foundation in what those rights are?

Police training does not offer an education in the constitutional rights of citizens.

How can law enforcement officers swear their constitutionally required oath to protect the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic when they’re not even US Citizens?


Is this paving the way for UN or Chinese, Israeli police?




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