Vaccinated outbreak: 81% of residents Geer nursing home (Connecticut) test positive. 8 dead. 89 positive. Flu vax being administered this week


Those who tested positive included 67 residents and 22 staff members.

The nursing home, which houses 82 residents, is continuing biweekly testing and has suspended most in-person visitation.

67 residents of 82 is 81.7%.
I did not say they were all vaccinated, but read below.

Booster Vaccination Update: Geer Nursing residents and staff will be eligible for the booster when we have gone two full weeks with no new positive cases.
We are conducting vaccinations for flu this week. If you have not returned your loved one’s consent form, please do so.

‘While we must continue with Covid-19 prevention protocols,’
Meaning they were using prevention the whole time and it still spread?
Obviously whatever they do isn’t working.

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From October.

The newest statewide data shows another 105 nursing home residents and staff recently tested positive across the state. That’s despite
an average of 92% of nursing home residents and 94% of staff being vaccinated.

“To see all of these fully vaccinated folks come down with COVID has been extremely frustrating,” O’Connell added.

Of the 63 people who caught COVID-19, 49 are residents and 14 are staff. All of them are vaccinated.




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