Vaccine Booster demonstrates its failure. It doesn’t produce the long lasting humoral response.

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We demonstrate that a single dose of these vaccines induces strong type 1 CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses, as well as long-lived plasma and memory B cell responses. Additionally, we detect robust and sustained neutralizing antibody responses and the antibodies elicited by nucleoside-modified mRNA vaccines do not show antibody-dependent enhancement of infection in vitro. Our findings suggest that the nucleoside-modified mRNA-LNP vaccine platform can induce robust immune responses and is a promising candidate to combat COVID-19.

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In the first part of this chapter we will describe the interactions of B cells with helper T cells that lead to the production of antibodies, the affinity maturation of this antibody response, the isotype switching that confers functional diversity, and the generation of memory B cells that provide long-lasting immunity to reinfection. In the rest of the chapter we will discuss in detail the mechanisms whereby antibodies contain and eliminate infections.

By the very fact that it doesn’t have a long lasting affect and doesn’t produce long lasting antibodies or B cell immune response demonstrates this ‘modified’ RNA vaccine isn’t working and is very likely causing a ‘hyper’ response in susceptible individuals.

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If our nation survives this intact and we right the ship in the next decade, Americans will look back on this with the same shame the Tuskegee Experiments. Only on a grander scale.



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