Communists March Through Austin, Texas – Praise Mass Murderers, Block Intersections in May Day Demonstration (VIDEO)

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And with this, we see actual evidence that there are more commies in this country than so-called “white supremacists.” And yes, the commmies are a FAR GREATER threat!

Communists holding Soviet Union hammer and sickle flags marched through Austin, Texas on Saturday, blocked intersections and praised mass murderers in a May Day demonstration.

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The annual marches began in 1886 when more than 300,000 people in the United States ditched work to protest in favor of an eight-hour work day, a battle that had began two years earlier.

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Now, every year on May 1, unions and anarchists worldwide gather to cause mayhem and havoc in the the streets.

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The Communists were ordered off Congress Avenue after blocking an intersection in downtown Austin


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