Vaccine Passport/COVID Mandate protests in Japan, India, Peru, and Chile today. We Are All One!


by Settlemente

Small collage of protests today (perhaps yesterday given time zone differences). Do NOT feel alone if you are against the technocratic medical fascism being pushed with the COVID narrative.

No matter your color, national origin, gender, sexuality, or political views, remember that we are all human beings with the God-given right to life, liberty, property, and bodily autonomy.

Full rundown of the many protests today.

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Unity does not require a government or political party. Humans have free will. And we must unite as one to form a world of love, light, and respect. I may not agree with any of your opinions, but I promise I will die for your right to express it.

Love to all fighting this fight!

In Romania yesterday, demonstrations against the Green Certificate.


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