Value of home doubles to $259,000 after black owner asks WHITE friend for help.

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Value of Indianapolis home doubles to $259,000 after black owner asks WHITE friend to stand in for her for appraisal visit!…aisal.html

A black homeowner in Indianapolis has filed a complaint after her home value more than doubled after she had a white friend stand in for her during a third appraisal.

Carlette Duffy believed the first two appraisals she received at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic were too low and were given based on her skin color.

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Her home was in the Flanner House Homes neighborhood was appraised for $125,000 first in March and April 2020, before dropping down to $110,000.

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Flanner House Homes is a historically black neighborhood listed on the National Register of Historic Places

For the third appraisal, Duffy kept communication to email and eliminated indicators of her racial identity from her home before having the white husband of a friend stand-in for her during a visit.

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That time, the home was appraised for $259,000, more than double the value of the initial appraisal.

‘I had to go through all of that just to say that I was right and that this is what’s happening,’ Duffy told the Indianapolis Star.


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