Van Jones Praises Conservatives on Criminal Justice Reform: ‘You Are Stealing My Issue!’

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Some might see Van Jones as out of place at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

The former Obama administration adviser, who currently works as a political commentator for CNN, is a liberal, and CPAC, is well, not.

But that’s not how Jones sees it.

“If you’re on Twitter calling me a sellout for working with [President Donald] Trump on criminal justice reform, here’s what I know about you,” Jones said Thursday during a panel discussion with Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU), which organizes CPAC.

“If you’re on Twitter, you’re not in a federal prison because they don’t have Twitter in federal prison.

I don’t have to listen to you.

I care about the people who are locked up.”

“And I hope Republicans and conservatives will take on board the fact that conservatives have been leading on criminal justice reform in the state level for a long time,” he added.

“This is no longer a liberal cause.

It’s a bipartisan cause in part led by conservatives.”

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“This is supposed to be my issue!

You are stealing my issue!” he added, to the laughter and applause of the crowd.

“Take some dadgum credit for being smart.

Take some dadgum credit for getting it right.”



Van Jones Gets Flak From The Left For Praising Conservatives At CPAC

Apparently it’s bad to call for bipartisan solutions when it comes to fixing our broken criminal justice system, according to liberal pundits.

The conservative movement in this country, unfortunately from my point of view, is now the leader on this issue of reform,” Jones said.

“You look at Mississippi, a rock-ribbed, total conservative former jailer is now the governor.

Governor Bryan cut the prison population and crime at the same time. [Governor Nathan] Deal in Georgia cut the prison population and crime at the same time. …

What you’re seeing now is Republican governors being tough on the dollars.

Tough on crime and shrinking the prison population.”


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The left is beyond evil, they demand total control and no one is allowed to think for themselves or the face the backlash……

Van Jones Really Doesn’t Have to Do This

CNN commentator Van Jones, a man who was forced out of the Obama White House after an avalanche of faux conservative outrage, appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference today alongside a murderers’ row of racists, dipshits, and racist dipshits for a rather bewildering reason: to praise conservatives for doing the bare-ass minimum on criminal justice reform.


While the vocally liberal Jones seemed to get a warm welcome among the conservative CPAC attendees, his attendance and willingness to give credit to conservatives and work with them on key issues apparently didn’t sit well with members of his own ideology.

Many critics either responded to Rupar or posted their own negative analysis.



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