Vancouver Real Estate So Bad They Offer AVOCADO TOAST As An Incentive To Buy! (Not A Joke)

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Would you buy a house if they offered you avocado toast? Could you resist the temptation?!

You know the situation is bad when they have to lure people in with avocado toast. That’s what’s happening in Vancouver right now. Millennials can’t get enough avocado toast apparently and now they’re giving it for free. They just have a buy a house. Interest rates are at historic lows. Free avocado toast. Let’s keep this party going!


Millionaire tells millennials: if you want a house, stop buying avocado toast | Food | The Guardian

Vancouver condo developers offer free wine or year’s supply of avocado toast to woo buyers in slowing market – The Globe and Mail

vancouver long term.png (1280×790)

National Price Map – CREA

Canadian Mortgage Rates Are Their Lowest In 2 Years. Here’s Where They’re Headed Next | HuffPost Canada




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