Vegans Vs Omnivores

by TechGuy

Vegan’s don’t stastically live longer than omnivores. Most of the differences attributed to vegan’s living longer are attributed to better lifestyles: Don’t smoke, drink much less, not obese, etc.…

“We followed a total of 267,180 men and women over an average of six years. During the follow-up period, 16,836 participants died. When we compared the risk of early death for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, while controlling for a range of other factors, we did not find any statistical difference.Put more simply, when we crunched the data we found vegetarians did not have a lower risk of early death compared with their meat-eating counterparts.”

“It’s important to acknowledge that in most studies vegetarians tend to be the “health-conscious” people, with overall healthier lifestyle patterns than the norm. For example, among the Sax Institute’s 45 and Up participants, vegetarians were less likely than non-vegetarians to report smoking, drinking excessively, insufficient physical activity and being overweight/obese.”

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FWIW: The only proven way to extend life is to consume less than 2/3’s of a normal, health diet.


Caloric restriction increased lemur lifespan by 50% in long-term study”


FWIW: I prefer a balanced diet of protein, Fruits & vegetables. that said, I doubt I will die of natural causes attributed to old age or health related issues. More likely I will die from war (global nuclear war), pandemic, or some event caused human caused crisis triggered from  these pending problems: Debt, resource depletion, demographics cliff.

The Next decade (2020’s)  is looking to be a tough challenge to avoid a global war: We have the pensions & entitlement crisis coming do between 2021 & 2024, Peak Oil (probably 2020-2023), Debt (2021-2026), Resource depletion (Already underway), Trade wars (already underway). All these crisis’s are bound to make most of the world’s populations very unhappy and they will very likely select very crazy leaders that make insane promises to the people. If you think our current batch of politicians are crazy, just wait for the next batch!


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