Vegas Coward Cop Just Became Biggest News Story in America

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by Wayne Root

The story of the “Vegas Coward Cop” isn’t quiet anymore. The cover-up is over.


This is Part Deux of my coverage of the Vegas Massacre. For months this story and all its inconsistencies has been ignored by mainstream media. To their credit, my newspaper, the Las Vegas Review Journal, was the only media organization in the country willing to go after the facts and force the LVMPD to release videos, testimony, etc. The question is why did the Vegas police try so hard to keep the pertinent information about the worst mass shooting in America’s history from going public? What were they hiding?  Now we know.


In my last column, I reported on a “Vegas coward cop” at the Vegas Massacre. The cop closest to stopping the mass murder. The only cop with the chance to save some of those lives. But he did nothing- frozen in fear.


No one wanted to report this less than me. I’m the most pro-police, law and order conservative on the planet earth. I love and support cops. I call cops heroes. But that’s because cops run towards the sound of gunfire, while normal folks run away. That’s heroism. But when one cop freezes and does nothing, while people are dying and his fellow cops are charging into automatic weapon fire, it is literally a sin to say nothing. It is an insult to all the other hero cops of that night.


So, I spoke up. I am shocked that no one in Vegas said a word until my column. I am shocked the national media stayed mum. But worse, once the police bodycam videos came out, I am sickened at the cowardly politicians interviewed by the Review Journal last Saturday, who were all afraid to state the truth and comment on the obvious. These are typical politicians- afraid of their own shadow. Afraid to go on record to say “this looks terrible.” Afraid of liability to the city.

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How ridiculous. You thought if you lied about it, acted as if nothing bad happened, no one else would notice?


So, I called it. I was the first in the nation to publicly make the obvious comparison between the Vegas “coward cop” Cordell Hendrex and Scott Peterson, the coward cop who stood outside the Parkland High School in Florida, while teens were being murdered. Police are trained to be heroes. They are trained to run towards gunfire. They are trained to risk their lives to protect ours. And Thank God 99% of them do.


But when one doesn’t it has to be publicly called out. Innocent victims clearly died because officer Cordell Hendrex froze. His own testimony was chilling. He prayed to God to give him the courage to move his feet- but he couldn’t. He was “the tip of the spear.” He was the leader of the only team of officers at the top of Mandalay Bay who had a chance to stop, or at least distract the mass shooter. Five armed cops/security led by Hendrex. People dying, cops under heavy fire. They did nothing.


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Anyone want to be in a foxhole with that cop, frozen with fear? Any volunteers?


Politicians said, “He did the best he could.” So, now liberal politicians want to award “Participation Trophies” to cops who won’t take action, while citizens are being shot like fish in a barrel? How disgraceful.


I feel pity for Officer Hendrex. But what if your child was in that concert killing field? Your mom. Your wife. Would you accept a cop who froze in fear, shaking, trembling, praying to God, saying his feet would not move?


Well the story isn’t quiet anymore. The cover-up of the Vegas coward cop is over. As I write this column, it is the number one news story in America, splashed across Fox News with the title:

“Terrified with Fear. MUST WATCH: Chilling Video Shows Vegas Cop Frozen Outside Hotel Room as Gunman Sprays Crowd.” 

And the centerpiece of the story? My radio interview with decorated, former hero Vegas cop Lt. Randy Sutton- who was as shocked, disgusted and outraged as me upon seeing this video.


The cat is out of the bag. That’s good. Only the truth will set us free.

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