Venezuela: 65 countries Support Guaido, While U.N. backs Maduro

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by Thinker

All around the world, nations are battling with the evil that has been left to fester and destroy for to long. Our “Creator” has watched as man/woman have abused one another, have raped/murdered children for blood and pleasure. Watching those who once prayed while they were in need, only to have those prayers answered and forget from where the miracle came. How easy it seems for those who are not in need to forget the on who gave his only son, to SAVE EVERYONE!!!

Not separating Black and White, Rich or Poor, or religion, Jesus died for all!

Why is it then that there are those who would call themselves religious, yet condemn an others beliefs? It isn’t the religion, but the words and actions that come from the heart that show ones connection to the “Holy Spirit.” These are openly on display and the deliver has no shame in glorifying the NAME!!!

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The Whole World Is Watching The Battle Between Light and Dark in Venezuela!!!

Who is supporting who??? “Our “Creator” exposes the friend and the foe of the people…can you see???

The Venezuelan opposition’s envoy to the United States is trying to shore up international support to help bring aid into his country. But the United Nations, which still recognises Nicolas Maduro as Venezuela’s president, has called for talks. About 50 UN-member countries have pledged their support to Maduro, while 65 countries, including the US, stand behind the opposition leader, Juan Guaido, who has declared himself interim president.

Al Jazeera’s Gabriel Elizondo reports from Washington.

Venezuelan Crisis: The Long History Of U.S. Intervention

Trump held secret meetings in 2017 with Venezuelan military officers to discuss plans to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro, according to a 2018 NYT report. But it’s not the first time the U.S. government has meddled in Venezuelan politics.

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If the leader of a nation is doing the “RIGHT” things, the people will not revolt, but defend that leader to the death, as many will now for 45th POTUS. Who are the people that stand for Maduro??? Are they all outside the country???

Is the United Nations supporting the caravan of illegals through Mexico, like they support Maduro???? Is that not a conflict of interest going the opposite direction of the leader of the nation you headquarter in??? The people were starving under Maduro, is that what the UN supports??? Who is the U.N. really protecting? People or assets??? Why is it the people always seem to be the ones who suffer from the sins and choices of poor leadership???


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