Venezuela Currency Worthless, Forced To Pay For Medicine With Gold

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The job numbers are in and they are not good, jobs are down, remember these are the manipulated numbers. Retail the big loser this time around, not surprising because retailers have been closing stores. The labor participation rate is now down to 62.7%.Credit Suisse is reporting more retail stores closing down this year. Venezuela is now forced to using gold for medical supplies.

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2 thoughts on “Venezuela Currency Worthless, Forced To Pay For Medicine With Gold

  1. Thanks, CIA, for screwing all those poor people just because you hate their elected government.
    Undoubtedly, CIA has been printing high-quality counterfeits of Venezuela’s currency.
    It’s an old dirty trick of theirs.
    You really should be proud, America.

    • I heard recently that forging banknotes was a policy of the CIA and Israel, something else they learned from the Nazis and their Operation Bernhard. An amazing plot and only one thing foiled it – they just couldn’t get enough forged notes in circulation in Britain to damage the economy. No longer a problem for the CIA and its central bank lackies.

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