Veteran Down Thrashing In Cell From Overdose Mocked By Men Who Shouldn’t Be Cops!

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by Thinker

How many wars have the children of the U.S. lived through??? How many “Veterans” gave their lives to serve, protect, and defend the freedom of American??? How many have been left behind after they can no longer perform, get injured, or retire that are now in the streets??? Where is the money and care that should be going to the men and women who signed up to make a difference in the world for the better???

Who are those who would kick a good man/woman while they are down, without knowing where they have been???

Two men, who swore an oath to serve and protect, who mock the soldier who needed help and not what is in any job description of a police officer. When men and women start treating others they way they wish to be treated, then and only then can the world be a better place. To see a story like the one below, speaks volumes of the leadership in the police department is lacking, along with pride and honor. Who would choose to protect someone that makes them look bad and their department???

If it were the officer on the ground and people stood around and mocked him, how would the rest of the police department feel…shouldn’t it go both ways??? Honor and pride will show on the outside, and the inside of every cop who serves the people and community they work in.

Words and actions define the true content of the character, not a badge!!!

May God have mercy on those who could have helped and didn’t…

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‘Look what I got for show-and-tell’: Shocking video shows sheriff’s deputies mocking a decorated Iraq War veteran while filming him thrashing uncontrollably in a padded jail cell from a meth overdose. Purple Heart-awarded veteran Bryan Perry died of methamphetamine toxicity aged 31 in November 2016. Perry went into cardiac while in Clackamas County Jail in Oregon, where he was brought because of a probation violation.

Three deputies were caught on video trading ‘callous comments’ about Perry while watching him writhe in agony in his cell. One deputy jokingly suggested taking him in a cage to a school to teach kids about the effects of drugs. Sheriff Craig Roberts on Thursday issued a statement condemning his deputies’ actions and saw two have been disciplined. The third, Matrona Shadrin, had resigned prior to internal investigation. Perry’s death is now the subject of a civil wrongful death lawsuit filed by his mother.…-cell.html

Veterans fear Congress has forgotten about the military’s burn pit problems

WASHINGTON — For years, Veterans Affairs leaders and administration officials have promised they won’t let health issues surrounding burn pit exposure in Iraq and Afghanistan become another “Agent Orange” in the community. Now, advocates and a handful of lawmakers are worried it already has. Gabbard and Afghanistan war veteran Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., recently introduced new legislation dubbed the Burn Pits Accountability Act to require more in-depth monitoring of servicemembers’ health for signs of illnesses connected to toxic exposure in combat zones.

“We’ve had an overflow of veterans sharing their stories, especially in the last few months,” said Paul Rieckhoff, founder and CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. “Our members feel like their bodies are under attack. And they’re calling for help.”

See also  Brian Stelter shouldn’t have gone on C-SPAN…

This is why we’re pushing for the:…-problems/

I continue to see programs for veterans and calls to fund them, but where and which ones have been effective??? Do taxpayers support government programs just for people to have jobs and paychecks for decade without any history of making progress or testimony of success??? How many veterans are committing suicide every day??? One every eighty minutes…Trump for Veterans and transparency open new doors and trying to prevent more wars!!!

VA Reveals its Veteran Suicide Statistic Included Active-Duty Troops

WASHINGTON – For years, the Department of Veterans Affairs reported an average of 20 veterans died by suicide every day — an often-cited statistic that raised alarm nationwide about the rate of veteran suicide. However, the statistic has long been misunderstood, according to a report released this week. The VA has now revealed the average daily number of veteran suicides has always included deaths of active-duty service members and members of the National Guard and Reserve, not just veterans.

Craig Bryan, a psychologist and leader of the National Center for Veterans Studies, said the new information could now help advocates in the fight against military and veteran suicide.

“The key message is that suicides are elevated among those who have ever served,” Bryan said. “The benefit of separating out subgroups is that it can:…roops.html


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