Victor Davis Hanson Discusses the Downstream Effects of Corruption Within Obama’s FBI and DOJ…

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Victor Davis Hanson appears on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs for an excellent interview on the topic of DOJ and FBI political corruption.  In the first response from Mr. Hanson he instinctively and accurately outlines the scale of the challenge that was/is faced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Mr. Hanson frames the context of the myriad of issues very well, and as such represents himself as one of the few big-picture-brains who really gets it.  Hanson gets the totality of it… all of it.   Everyone should pay attention to how Hanson is able to look at the specific examples and details, and yet remain at the 30,000/ft level… Rare skill:


Expanding below:

If you take a few minutes and contemplate the discussion, the bigger part of the big picture, you begin to understand what direction AG Sessions is going with IG Horowitz, Federal Prosecutor John Huber and an upcoming special counsel. Three visible prongs:

♦ #1 – The issues surrounding the Clinton Uranium One and Pay-to-play scandals, potential criminality and investigations, are stand alone issues unrelated to the work of Horowitz and Huber.

♦ #2 – The Horowitz/Huber issues specifically focus on corruption within the FBI and DOJ as it pertains to their investigative corruption in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Their targets are mostly former FBI officials: Comey, McCabe, Kortan, Rybicki and potentially Baker (with Strzok, Page, Ohr and Priestap).

There are also two bridge officials between the DOJ National Security Division and FBI Counterintelligence Division. Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr. That jumps the Horowitz/Huber investigation over to #3.

♦ #3 – The need for the special prosecutor arises within the former DOJ-NSD activity. Remember, Horowitz had no oversight access into the action of the DOJ National Security Division until Trump took office. The DOJ-NSD was a rogue agency and all of the members within the apparatus fled, quickly. Only Bruce Ohr and Lisa Page remain as the connective tissue to the prior likely criminal conduct.

To target the former officials inside the DOJ-NSD is where the Special Prosecutor is needed. AAG Sally Yates, AAG John Carlin, AAG Mary McCord, AAG David Laufman, etc. Along with the DOJ-NSD insiders who were abusing the FISA(702) system (2015, 2016) and the same insiders who created the FISA Title-1 application fraud (2016).

The FISA fraud, investigative carve-out, will fall upon targeting the officials who filed the application with the FISA court.  That’s the DOJ-NSD (Main Justice).

In the bigger picture the DOJ-NSD officials (Lynch/Yates) directed the FBI officials (Comey/McCabe) and counterintelligence team (Priestap/Strzok) on what they needed run the three stage operation. (1. exonerate clinton, 2. surveillance on trump, 3. ‘muh russia’).

The instructions within the overall 2016 election scheme came from the planning group within Main Justice (DOJ-NSD). It is the Main Justice investigation that will likely connect to the White House. It is the Main Justice investigation that will likely need a Special Prosecutor. It is within Main Justice where the tentacles are deepest.

It is also within “Main Justice”, and any investigation therein, where most of the conflicts-of-interest come into play. That’s why the DOJ-NSD aspect of the DOJ investigation is likely to need a Special Counsel; and likely why AG Jeff Sessions noted his willingness toward that approach in his four page letter.



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