VICTORY! Soros Withdraws from Hungary After Public Thrashing by Pro-Western Gov.

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by Thinker

The time for change is upon a planet that has been suppressed of the beauty within by greed, for power and control. Why would one want so much? What would be the desired goal? Is slavery really gone, or do you have a master that you never knew? What is the history of your country? Who really owns and controls it? Do you really know? Soros has a history of being able to use his dollars to influence, have they influenced your elected officials? Hungry is taking the first step in saying that they are tired of money being the influence over people.

No Western leader has taken more action against leftist billionaire George Soros than Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

During a speech in Romania last July Orban unleashed on Soros and the European Union, accusing them of wanting to “Muslimize Europe.” In April Victor Orban won a third term as Czech prime minister. On Tuesday the foundation run by George Soros announced they were pulling out of Hungary. The country’s nationalist leaders were “increasing repressive.” The Soros organization was very upset that the Hungarian leaders were not suicidal like the rest of Europe.

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Yahoo-AFP reported:

The announcement Tuesday that a foundation run by US-Hungarian liberal billionaire George Soros will quit Hungary puts the spotlight once again on the favourite whipping boy of Western nationalists. Over three decades since it began, Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OSF) threw in the towel, citing Hungary’s “increasingly repressive political and legal environment”.

The organisation’s departure will be:…overnment/

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‘Stop Operation Soros’ Movements to ban billionaire-funded groups sweep across Europe is paying off. One of those who supported nationwide anti-Trump protests in the US is billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros, who’s well known for his charity organizations across the globe.

The History of Soros – Lord of Chaos – LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON FAKE JEWS?

Nazi collaborator George Soros in his own words shows no guilt or sorrows for his past. Known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” for his quick sale of $10 billion worth of Pound sterling. Operating above the law, the billionaire activist funds criminal globalist activity.


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