Video: 7 bus loads of illegals in El Paso, TX being shipped out into the USA – yea, the economic bleed will never end.

No one covering this except for patriots!

Nothing has changed, actually the disbursements have been kicked up more then the past because there are no place to keep them.

The police had to be called on them for fights.

This patriot speaks Spanish.

He interviewed a taxi driver in Spanish she said she us getting many calls for rides – loads of Brazilians crossing with loads of cash.

G0ing to do more research.

He is slick to. He asked the bus workers where they are taking them – he said he wanted to donate haha.

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Another video will be up soon – they are gollow8ng the buses.

It is an hour long video.

But he speaks throughout.

And you will notice.

7 busloads full of ALL MEN.

We cannot support this type of influx.

ere goes part two – watching it right now.

What the border patrol legally is doing right now.

Either catch and release or placing them in the dentition camps – but those are full.

So after taking the information. They are just leav8ng them at various bus terminals and in this case El Paso.

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Evidently this startedback in October and has continued on to today.

When they get to the “shelter” they are only there until they either contact family in other states to meet up or they have enough money on their own to leave to wherever.

I’m sure the church is giving them cash and/or bus rides to their ultimate destination.


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