VIDEO: Adam Schiff wouldn’t testify if Republicans subpoena him: “nothing to testify about”, would “turn this into a circus.”

Tom Elliott

.@RepAdamSchiff indicates he wouldn’t testify if
Republicans subpoena him: “There is nothing to testify
about … if they go down this road, it shows a fundamental
lack of seriousness. A willingness to try to turn this into
a circus.”

First, he carefully avoids saying that he would defy a subpoena because he is not immune and could be held in contempt of court. Why? Because unlike the impotent impeachment “inquiry” by Shifty and his fellow rats, with NO real subpoena power/authority, there would be in any Senate trial — even in a House Judiciary Committee proceeding!

Second, it’s not up to Shifty to decide whether he has relevant information regarding any partisan rat impeachment! I would argue that he has some of the most relevant information because he has outright LIED so many times and has orchestrated this from the beginning.

Third, I strongly suspect that Pelosi will find some reason to not hold an official impeachment vote “for the good of the country.” I don’t think President Trump would have to wait to subpoena Shifty he could have it done during the judiciary committee “investigation” leading to an official impeachment vote. Which brings me to:

Fourth, I think President Trump would enjoy a trial in the United States Senate where he is able to subpoena and cross-examine witnesses . . . ALL witnesses who have any relevant information regarding the underlying accusations or the impeachment process itself. Imagine just a partial list including: Pelosi, Shifty, Obama, Clinton, Biden and Hunter Biden, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Comey, Strock, McCabe, Page, and on and on!

In any criminal trial, if there is prosecutorial misconduct that is grounds for an outright dismissal. If there is irregularity or illegality in the grand jury process, the indictment can also be dismissed outright.

It would be a 24/7 commercial for President Trump’s reelection!

. . . And, oh! there is a TREATY signed by President Clinton and ratified by the US Senate in 1999 that specifically allows us to request criminal investigation help from . . . wait for it: UKRAINE!

The rats have not only stepped in their own sh*t with both feet, but have stomped up and down in it and are getting ready to flop on the ground and roll around in it. They have lost, BADLY. The only question is how much damage is Pelosi willing to do to the party to placate the lunatic left-wing America-hating socialists — Who make up a growing majority of the rats.



h/t dr0id


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