Capitalism did not create the wealth/income inequality that we have today. Socialism will not solve the wealth/income inequality that we have today. This is ALL from the creation of the federal reserve, central banking and fiat currencies.

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by smurfin101

Regardless of the political ideology or type of government, if it has a central bank and a currency that’s backed by nothing, the country will end up with massive debt and wealth/income inequality.

You can clearly see in the image above that as soon as the creation of the federal reserve happened (which you can thank the democrats for), America was sold out to the international bankers which have since taken complete control over the US. These are the same bankers that owned Europe when America was founded and since the founding, they have been trying to take control.

I see so many people that blame capitalism for the issues caused by this and think socialism will somehow magically cure it. It doesn’t. Under capitalism, everyone has a chance to at least make some type of wealth which is what you see in the US. Under socialism, only those in government have a chance to make some type of wealth.

If everybody knew the history of central banking and fiat currencies, it would clear up almost all the conspiracies in this sub. The central bankers are the ones at the top of the NWO. For almost all conspiracies, all you have to do is follow the money. You can see the bankers wasted no time to start a huge ware, start the great depression and then another huge war to bankrupt all the major societies and put them in extreme debt so they end up completely owned by these bankers.

The central banks of all the central banks around the world is called the Bank for International Settlements. Here are all the countries that are owned and controlled by the bankers/NWO.

Very good article that explains everything related to the BIS –

Documentary on the full history of central banking and money going back to the romans

Documentary on the creation of the Federal Reserve

The Creature From Jekyll Island (by G. Edward Griffin)


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