VIDEO: At Least 56 Arrested Attacking Rally for France Presidential Candidate Eric Zemmour, Some Armed With Cocktails and Acid

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“Translated from French by google:
A general fight broke out at the back of the
#ZemmourVillepinte meeting room between pro #Zemmour
activists and SOS Racism activists who were evacuated. At
least two injured. #ZemmourVillepinte’ ”

“Translated from French by google:
[Info @Valeurs ] Extreme left demonstration at the Zemmour
meeting in Villepinte: 39 people already arrested, for armed
gathering, including “11 with cocktails and acid”, indicates
a police source #zemmourvillepinte #zemmour #villepinte
#antifas ”

“Translated from French by Google:
[Info @Valeurs ] Meeting of #Zemmour in Villepinte: 5
individuals who shouted “Allah Akbar” on the public highway
were arrested during the Marseillaise. 56 people taken into
custody in total. #ZemmourVillepinte #antifas #ultragauche ”

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