Video game developer CEO said he supported Texas’ pro-life law. It sparked an outcry, and now he’s gone from the company

John Gibson, the CEO of the video game publisher responsible for the titles Chivalry and Killing Floor, is out of a job after he publicly voiced his pro-life views in the wake of Texas’ so-called “Heartbeat bill,” which makes it illegal to surgically abort a fetus once cardiac activity is detected in the fetus.

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Posting on Twitter, the Tripwire Interactive boss wrote that he was “proud of the [United States Supreme Court] affirming the Texas law banning abortion for babies with a heartbeat.”

Gibson stated that the reason he was speaking out on the issue was because of how vocal pro-choice supporters are in vocalizing their political views on social media. Indeed, many major entertainment companies and video game publishers have publicly weighed in on political topics – always in support of liberal policies, seldom against.

“As an entertainer I don’t get political often,” added Gibson. “Yet with so many vocal peers on the other side of this issue, I felt it was important to go on the record as a pro-life game developer.”

Gibson’s remarks sparked a vocal outcry from both game developers and game journalists alike, triggering more than 10,000 comments and 6,000 retweets, with many vowing to boycott Tripwire’s video games.


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