Video: Mike Pompeo Warns America’s Governors Who Are “Friendly” to China. Pompeo has had the list of Governors since FEB

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In February of this year, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a speech that has become even more important now that “China Joe” is trying to steal the 2020 election. This speech should give more people a reason to fight even harder for the election to be overturned.

SOS Pompeo spoke during the National Governors Association meeting. He warned the assembly of U.S. Governors who were on the 2020 CCP influence list. Pompeo tells the group that he knows of a list of U.S. governors the communists put together telling of their “friendliness” to China. could this be the key to election fraud

The speech is a warning to those governors who are on the list to be careful about their relations with the communist country whether they are considered friendly or a hardliner:

Chinese Communist & Close Democrat Ally Advised NC Governor to Extract Blood From RNC Attendees

Wow….I’ve been saying for decades how corrupt NC really is and was wondering how our guv ranked when it comes to others in our nation in regards to what Pompeo said this fall about how the CCP was courting elected officials in various states.

And then a friend of mine sends me this link to what I call a Citizen Journalist who actually delved into NC relations w/ China. Below are some mind blowing excerpts and shows just how fucked up things have been here in my home state.

“This astonishing revelation was recently disclosed to National File in a copy of a letter written by John “Gaorong” Wei (who also goes by the name of Lao Wei) addressed to Governor Cooper and North Carolina DHHS head Mandy Cohen.

Wei’s plan, discovered on a Chinese language website, called for the blood of all 50,000 RNC delegates to be drawn and mixed together in groups of up to 100 before being tested for COVID-19. If the blood of any group members triggered a positive test, the entire group would be quarantined and barred from the convention.

The plan could even be used on citizens statewide Wei wrote, telling the Governor that using group blood samples to determine who would be allowed to return to work would “speed up our North Carolina Phase III reopening.”

Oh, and NC ass-hats have decided that businesses need to close down by 10pm ‘to stop the spread of the ‘Rona.’ Bars and restaurant owners are on their very last nerve right now.

How China influences the US government from a CCP expert.

CodeMonkey finds China connection to Whitmer: “Zhao Jian explained [to Gov Whitmer] the current situation of Chinese-American relations, emphasizing the benefits of mutual cooperation, clarifying that any struggle will hurt both countries, and that COOPERATION IS THE ONLY CORRECT ANSWER.”

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell claimed his repeated criticism of President Trump could have played a role in why a recent report regarding his connection with a suspected Chinese spy was leaked.

Swalwell, whose relationship with Christine Fang, a Chinese national believed to be working with China’s Ministry of State Security, lasted from 2011-2015, said he believes the “timing” of Axios’s reporting should be considered during a subsequent interview with Politico on Tuesday. He was not the only target of Fang’s interest, although he was among her “most significant targets.” Fang reportedly also had sexual relationships with two unnamed Midwestern mayors.

“I’ve been a critic of the president. I’ve spoken out against him. I was on both committees that worked to impeach him,” Swalwell said. “The timing feels like that should be looked at.”

“What it appears though that this person — as the story reports — was unsuccessful in whatever they were trying to do,” the failed 2020 presidential candidate said. “But if intelligence officials are trying to weaponize someone’s cooperation, they are essentially seeking to do what this person was not able to do, which is to try and discredit someone.”

Swalwell declined to discuss his relationship with Fang, although he said he doesn’t believe this story will cost him his seat on the House Intelligence Committee.

of course not u and all the dems are in bed witht he chinese literally and figuratively



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