Video of a 55yo Swedish woman dying of covid since denied oxygen by the hospital

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Anita Pettersson, a 55-year-old woman from Borlänge, has been denied care by Falu laser (Lasarett* i.e hospital) and died tormented by corona. Her daughter Alexandra has recorded her obituary and wants the shocking video proof to be spread to the public.

Anita Pettersson was admitted to Falu Lasarett with confirmed corona infection at the end of March. But despite her condition gradually deteriorating, she was denied both oxygen and intensive care units – despite the fact that there were vacant intensive care units at the hospital, according to her daughter.

In the end, the relatives were let in to “say goodbye”, because the health service decided that Anita would not do so long. That’s when the daughter recorded the shocking video. The video shows how the woman struggles to get air. There are also bruises on her hands that often occur in seriously ill people in Covid-19 as a result of blood clots. Although the doctor prescribed morphine to relieve the cramps, the staff refused to use it. The only thing Anita got, according to her daughter who works as a nurse herself, was soothing (with tranquelizers*)

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*my correction of the google translation.

Viewer discretion is adviced and please keep things civil in your replies out of respect for Anita and her daughter.

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