Video Promoting ZOG’s Psychological Operations Unit

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by Chris Black

The Army’s official Twitter account for Special Forces Command just posted this:

If you think all of the discussion happening on 4chan, Telegram and Twitter is organic you are wrong.

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This is COINTELPRO 2.0.

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It seems like they’re trying hard to look cool again after the pathetic and embarrassing “Emma and Her Two Mommies” recruitment ads.

The video contains scenes of American troops looking stylish, interspersed with shots of various color revolutions and iconic news media moments.

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ZOG treats its civilian population as the enemy.  They make psychological war on us like a foreign population in the middle of a war.

If you’re feeling demoralized, confused, you’re feeling like we’ll never win — remember, there are dozens of professionals spending every day of every week working to make you feel that way.


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