VIDEO: Saying ‘Constitution’ triggers Pelosi face spasm… Hillary wearing ‘Life Alert’ emergency device?

VIDEO: Saying ‘Constitution’ triggers Nancy Pelosi face spasm

The Constitution is like a noxious fart to some liberals.

The House Minority Leader suffered a face spasm as she attempted to say the word.


MYSTERY: Was Hillary wearing ‘Life Alert’ emergency device during NYC appearance?

She’s fallen before and she’s needed help getting up.

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Maybe that’s why Hillary Clinton appeared to be wearing a Life Alert emergency button necklace during her recent appearance in New York City.

Twitter user @ComfortablySmug posted a photo of Clinton posing with a fan while she was in Central Park for the Ozy Fest:

TOTAL PROOF: Hillary Clinton Has A Seizure Disorder

Alex Jones presents a video compilation of Hillary Clinton having seizures, proving that the left tried to pass her off as a healthy candidate when she has a severe neurological disorder.


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