‘View’ Veers from Idiotic to Dangerous

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It’s hard not to take “The View” with a grain of salt.

The long-running talk show features some of the most ill-informed commentary on the air, be it broadcast or streaming. The addition of Meghan McCain, a moderate Republican who did more pre-show research than her colleagues, elevated the discourse until she left last year.

Inexplicably, “The View” remains a TV staple, thriving well into its 25th year on air. It’s currently scrambling to find a Republican punching bag for the other hosts to pummel.

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That search generated plenty of media heat, although it’s clear the producers will stretch it out as long as possible. Besides, what clear-thinking conservative woman would want the gig?

Lately, though, the show’s conversations have veered from comical to borderline dangerous.

Sound like hyperbole? Let’s hear what hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar had to say on the latest episode.



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