Virtue Signaling and Degeneracy is Weimerica’s Greatest Pastime

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by Chris Black

That and faggotry.

In a hypothetical situation where Russia, China or whoever else is in a war against the “west”, what is the buy in for men who’d be asked to fight?

That the mass immigration into your country will continue at a rate it’ll render you a minority in your lifetime? That more children of your race will be convinced they’re bad for imagined historical grievances against people who’ve been imported into your country against your will?

There’s literally no way I can imagine a substantial challenge to “Western” power being anything but good for Western people, because they’ll be asked to consider “why?”.

When I see things like the American military doing tranny videos or the forced worship of misshapen criminal negro George Floyd, it would be easy to think this was part of some kind of intentional demoralization campaign.

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But the real truth is worse, elite culture promotes this insanity with complete earnestness, they absolutely believe their own bullshit and they take actual, genuine offense if you don’t.


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