Visiting Atlantis: Short documentary provides very compelling evidence that the Richat Structure, aka “Eye of the Sahara”, is Atlantis

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If there is a world that remains unexplored – it is the ancient history of man. We have signs hidden in the sands of the desert, smothered by jungle and swallowed under the waves of our oceans. And we have mythology – a time when the world was more beautiful, more dangerous, and more mysterious…

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Two unconventional explorers George S. Alexander and Natalis Rosen are connecting mythology with today’s facts. On their journey they make an astonishing discovery…


The guy from the YouTube channel ‘World Alternative Media’ is headed to the Richat Structure soon to explore, investigate and get more recent video of the place (the documentary above is from 2011).

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He provided an update today. If you’re interested in this subject, I suggest subbing to his channel.


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