VIX Futures and /ES Preparing for ’08 Recital

by scarvesandsuspenders

TL;DR Bear gang seal team 6 prepping for operation “bull rape”. VIX calls 3/25 and 4/15 in the 40’s will print big. SPY puts are free money with those expirations. Godspeed Autists.

I said it before and ill say it again. Bull gang is going to get cucked real soon. My guess is they have control until at the very max the end of the week.

That is the futures for vix. I am expecting an ’08 style pop for vix and by contrast a drop in the market. Market is simply consolidating for the next drop. Big hint is how we had a mighty mean green day and the vix held its ground instead of being absolutely ravaged per usual.

Here is the chart. Tenken/kijun sen line on the daily will act as support on this whole rally as it always does on every vix rally.

Market is still supremely off. Here is 4hr S&P Futures. We are only just starting to hit that major resistance. These final days of this week will be very telling as to what is truly going to happen. Once RSI, MACD, and support break this this is getting dumped just as fast as last week. It is a very common bear flag and only a break in this massive selling run.

My go to measure for the big boi’s is the DPI.

Looks like they are starting to exit the positions they took on this pop. Gamma is also rising (in my personal opinion) so that it can drop fast and allow for more volatility/room to drop.

Hope this helps the gay bear gang not stress too much if you got some time on your puts. Diamond bear paws are required in this trying time brothers. Gamma is very low so these massive soul crushing swings should be expected.

Scared money dont make none.


Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.