Voter ID is racist but this isn’t? Fury over New York City vaccine pass that ACTUALLY discriminates against black Americans

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De Blasio’s vaccination pass is the first such mandate in the US. It comes only a day after Governor Andrew Cuomo called for private businesses to discriminate against the unvaccinated in order to incentivize New Yorkers to get the jab.

While much of the outrage on Tuesday focused on the news of Cuomo’s alleged sexual improprieties with female staff – announced by state Attorney General Letitia James, but without a criminal indictment – more than a few critics have pointed out that the mayor and the governor are backing a mandate more burdensome than requiring an ID to vote – which their fellow Democrats have denounced as racist.

Independent journalist Michael Tracey pointed to the vaccination statistics – showing that only 38% of African Americans in New York City have been immunized against the coronavirus – to state the obvious: the policy would have a racially disparate impact.


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