Wait, I Thought mRNA Covid “Vaccines” Work

by Chris Black

For almost two years, we’ve been bombarded with mainstream media propaganda about mRNA gene therapy posing as covid vaccines; they were great, awesome, 95% efficiency, just take 2-3-4 boosters and covid will be history, etc. 

Then they said the vaccines do not offer you protection from covid, as in you can still get the disease and spread it around, but you’re less prone to dying from covid (never happened with other vaccines, hence the word immunization, but they changed the definition recently).

Then they introduced vax passports everywhere. 

Then vax efficiency dropped to less than 40%. 

Mind you, all these figures for experimental gene therapy are offered by Big Pharma with zero oversight, i.e. we must take their word for it, because they would never lie to us.

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Fast forward to November 2021, and Pfizer claims to have invented a new miracle pill that is 89% effective against covid, Paxlovid or something along these lines. I reckon 89% is more believable than 90%?

Anyway, first they kill you with the clot shot after denying you Ivermectin, then they come out with a product emulating Ivermectin (Paxlovid is basically a protease inhibitor just like Ivermectin)and now we are supposed to think: 

‘Ahh, they really do love me. I wants to take all their pills now, and give them all my monies’. 

PS: the new miracle drug costs $700 per treatment. And there will be plenty of other pill offerings to offset the side effects from the vax and their new pill.

 I love their circular (pill) logic.

Pfizer, the gift that keeps on giving (if you’re a shareholder).


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