Wake Up World ! Nations need to address the terrible crimes China has committed!

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The CCP’s Three Morality Crimes That the World Has Yet to Address


The COVID-19 pandemic served as a wake-up call to the world. As a result, the United States and the Western world have gained a better understanding of the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and therefore have started to go after it for its crimes: from imposing “one country, one system” on Hong Kong to persecuting Uyghurs in Xinjiang; from proliferating nuclear technology and providing financial support to Iran to violating consumer privacy on software and equipment, and from the slow but inexorable appropriation of other’s land to the complete disregard for keeping its word.

However, the world has not yet taken material, decisive action against the CCP for three of its major crimes against humanity. These crimes violate human morality so significantly that if we don’t act on them and if we continue to look the other way, then we of the human race will continue to live in a broken moral container under the CCP’s shadow. In addition, religious practitioners will not be able to stand before our Creator and tell Him we have been following His Way.

The first crime is the CCP’s treating the organs of living human beings as fertile ground for harvesting. Many of the victims are prisoners of conscience that the CCP wants to eliminate, with Falun Gong practitioners being the primary target, and Uyghurs being the second. Who knows what other groups the CCP will pick next?

The Western media seldom report this crime, but that does not mean this crime hasn’t happened or is not still happening. Chinascope reported a recent “unbelievable” case in which, in order to conduct a heart transplant, Chinese doctors collected four hearts within ten days. All had the matching type and all were “readily available” in time. Then the communist regime applauded itself for saving a life. {1}

The Europe Parliament, the U.S. Congress, and many organizations have condemned the CCP’s organ harvesting practice. The most recent significant development on this issue was the China Tribunal in London which confirmed the CCP’s practice in its Final Judgment on June 17, 2019. {2}

Yet, no government has taken concrete action against the CCP for this crime.

However, this crime has dramatically subverted human being’s ethical integrity in a way that we cannot ignore. Nor can we pretend it has not happened.


China has got a pass for way too long, not only for the vile actions against its own people, but against actions that have negatively impacted people in other, weaker countries, as the CCP has bullied them to accept China’s ruining their local markets, their local economies, their own moral codes.

But dumping slave labor goods into domestic economies, not only have a countries markets been trashed, but the entire world has been forced to submit to either accept the ruin of their own nation’s manufacturing economy or introduce their own slave labor products in order to compete. Here in the US it has been allowing prison labor into their economy.

Governments have acquiesced to China’s enticements and bullying by quietly accepting slave labor, and abandoning any existing moral codes in order to take advantage of cheap goods. Only now are countries beginning to take China to task for the horrifying practice of organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience.


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