Wales Gov to fine people £60 for going to Work!

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  • Staff face a £60 fixed penalty notice and employers will be given a £1,000 fine
  • Critics say it sets a ‘worrying precedent’ for criminalising staff following orders
  • Unions fear it could see poor and vulnerable employees being exploited 

Wales is threatening £60 fines for employees making ‘unnecessary’ trip to work under new anti-Omicron laws – but going to the pub is still allowed.

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From Monday, employees will be handed the fixed penalty notice and companies will face a £1,000 fine for each time the rule is broken, rising to a potential £10,000.

The new health protection restrictions will make it an offence for ‘failing to work from home where reasonably practicable to do so’.

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However, critics have pointed out that under the rules, Welsh people can still legally visit pubs, shops and restaurants and not face the same punishment.


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