WALL OF SHAME: List of Texas Democrats Who Fled State to Thwart Greg Abbott

(Newsweek) At least 50 Democratic state lawmakers fled Texas on Monday in order to deny the legislature the two-thirds quorum required to conduct business, in an effort to prevent Republicans introducing new voting restrictions.

There is uncertainty about the exact number of Democratic members of the state’s House of Representatives who have left Texas. There are 67 Democrats in the chamber but some remained behind while the majority flew to Washington, D.C.

The Texas Democratic Party has not released a full list of the lawmakers but photos shared on social media give an indication of which Democrats have left. Some legislators have also posted on Twitter about their decision to fly out of Texas.

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Caucus Chair Chris Turner
First Vice-Chair Toni Rose
Alma Allen
Ramon Romero Jr.
Donna Howard
Diego Bernal
Michelle Beckley
Rhetta Bowers
John Bucy III
Liz Campos
Sheryl Cole
Nicole Collier
Jasmine Crockett
Joe Deshotel
Alex Dominguez
Barbara Gervin-Hawkins
Jessica Gonzáles
Vikki Goodwin
Gina Hinojosa
Celia Israel
Ann Johnson
Jarvis Johnson
Julie Johnson
Ray Lopez
Trey Martinez Fischer
Ina Minjarez
Joe Moody
Christina Morales
Victoria Neave
Ana-Maria Ramos
Jon Rosenthal
James Talarico
Senfronia Thompson
Gene Wu
Erin Zwiener


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