Wall Street DESPERATE For New Investors As Stock Market Reaches Its Peak!

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about another story out of Davos as Larry Fink of BlackRock tells the media that people need to start investing in stocks… Even though they’ve reached highs…
As Fink said, “It’s bad to be in cash” and that there’s more money sitting on the sidelines than ever before. Fink pointed to France as an example of investors heavily weighted in cash.
Fink was the same person who reportedly told James Rickards he’d want to freeze funds so that people could not sell in a coming crisis.
This is ALL desperation. Fink among countless others on Wall Street are desperately trying to keep people investing because they know the honeymoon will soon be over. We’ve only seen this countless times in the last century alone.
Everyone is euphoric as if nothing bad could ever happen! The stock market keeps hitting all time highs. New investors are coming in to pile all their money including huge loans into stocks. What could possibly go wrong? What has gone wrong in the past? Mainly 1857, 1907 or October 1929? Perhaps 1987? The Dotcom Bubble? The 2007-2008 crash? Learning from history is incredibly important.
This should be a tell tale sign to get out and run. This isn’t the President’s fault. This is market fundamentals. Far too much overheating. Derivatives and debt run amok. Central banks working over time to manipulate.
This is why individuals have to protect their wealth by being financially responsible and self sustainable. That is the hallmark of freedom after all as we mention so many time.

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