Wall Street Silver & Egon von Greyerz: Shortages Will Worsen

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Egon von Greyerz sits down with Jim Lewis and Ivan Bayoukhi of Wall Street Silver to discuss the deteriorating situation of the global financial system and what it means for the fate of the United States dollar and precious metals.

As both Egon and Wall Street Silver agree, ownership of physical gold and silver stored outside the banking system is crucial for the preservation of one’s wealth in the years ahead. The markets are saturated with over-leveraged banks and liquidity-dependent companies, creating a fragile financial system. Shocks are unpredictable, and any bankruptcy or disruption could be a catalyst for a meltdown. Prudent investors must ensure there is no counter-party risks associated with their assets.

Meanwhile, the world must prepare for the worsening of shortages and subsequent social unrest. From Marie Antoinette’s disregard for the peasants’ lack of bread and her infamous quip, “let them eat cake,” to crippling food shortages in 1917 Russia and the Arab Spring of 2011, food shortages are highly associated with widespread social unrest and revolutions. Moreover, empty shelves and empty stomachs in the world’s richest nations would be so unfathomable to the populace, unrest may be worse than most could imagine.

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While the future remains uncertain, history is clear: Reality has a nasty habit of catching up with economies living outside its purview. The US dollar has lost 98% of its value since 1971. The final 2% will be a wild ride.


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