Wall Street’s Riskiest Loans FLASH DANGER! “Sound the Alarm” Warns Janet Yellen!

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Do you think regulations today are tight enough to prevent another crisis?

The financial system is filled with constant and never-ending risk. When a crisis occurs and the risk is exposed, it’s only a matter of time before another much bigger risk appears. It can be covered up for a long time but invariably, all dangers eventually show their true self. Because the financial system is so intertwined, there’s no way to avoid a crisis if one component fails. Are you ready?


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Wall Street’s Riskiest Loans Flash Dangers as Watchdogs Muzzled – BNN Bloomberg


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David Rosenberg on Twitter: “FAANGM stocks have seen their market cap share triple to 17%. Eerily similar to the late 90s when MSFT, INTC, LU, CSCO, ORCL & DELL – saw their share peak at 17% too. Look what happened next – as the Fed, who helped create the bubble, destroyed it in the ensuing rate-hiking cycle… t.co/EaecH3Wpk2


U.S. 30-year mortgage rates hit seven-year peak: Freddie Mac | Reuters


How To Invest In A Market Due For A Hard Landing | RIA


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Argentina’s economic woes exacerbate the misery of slum life


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