Walmart + Home Depot + Target + Costco + Lowes + Best Buy + Bed Bath & Beyond = Market Cap of $747B and yearly revenue of $932B. Amazon = Market Cap of $860B and yearly revenue of $180B.

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by Windberry

I completely understand Market Cap and Yearly Revenue are a mere two factors of an overall, more in depth evaluation. Though, I found it interesting and enough to warrant a conversation around the current Market’s evaluation of retail.

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ALSO – I understand, AMZN is more a tech company than retail, but there is no denying AMZN’s heavy investment in retail.

EDIT: Tickers:

Walmart – WMT

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Home Depot – HD

Target – TGT

Costco – COST

Lowes – LOW

Best Buy – BBY

Bed Bath & Beyond – BBBY

Amazon – AMZN


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