Walmart is facing shortages of these 5 essential groceries

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and the Delta variant in particular, grocery stores like Walmart are having problems stocking certain items. This is due to a number of varying reasons. For one, some consumers are still keen on hoarding essential products. Two, employers are having a tougher time hiring and keeping employees, a dynamic that impacts the efficacy of the supply chain.

It’s unfortunate that we’ve been in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic for nearly 20 months now. Even though we have effective vaccines available, many people still remain reluctant to get vaccinated. As a result, vaccines didn’t stop COVID-19 dead in its tracks. On the contrary, the virus had a chance to mutate. A few months ago, the Delta variant began spreading like wildfire across the US.

In a post that went viral on Facebook, Taste of Home asked its readers to detail any grocery store shortages they encountered. The response was overwhelming.

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A few items that are particularly hard to find at the moment include beef, pork, chicken, juice products, and snacks.

With respect to beef, one issue is that some meat processors have seen a huge dropoff in employees on account of vaccination requirements.


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