‘Domestic Terrorist’ Label Is a Boogeyman to Stifle Opposition of Tyranny

It was just a couple of months ago that the “scare label” preferred by radical leftists when talking about conservative Americans was “white supremacist.” They applied it pretty much universally regardless of the skin color of the person they were attacking. Anyone who believed in the America First agenda, freedom, or limited government MUST be a “white supremacist.”

Thankfully, that label was so overused by leftists that it completely lost its meaning. They applied it to people who were clearly not white supremacists. Some of them weren’t even white. As a result, they realized they needed another “scare label,” and one has been supplied to them by Nancy Pelosi, the Deep State, and the Biden-Harris regime.

As JD Heyes from Natural News reported over the weekend:

In their letter to Biden, association president Viola M. Garcia and interim executive director and CEO Chip Slaven claimed school board members and school officials all over the country are facing “threats of violence and acts of intimidation,” while going on to ask the administration to consider whether parents’ actions should be considered “domestic terrorism” under current statutes like the Patriot Act.

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“While local and state law enforcement agencies are working with public school officials in several communities to prevent further disruptions to educational services and school district operations, law enforcement officials in some jurisdictions need assistance – including help with monitoring the threat levels,” they wrote.

“As these threats and acts of violence have become more prevalent … NSBA respectfully asks that a joint collaboration among federal law enforcement agencies, state and local law enforcement, and with public school officials be undertaken to focus on these threats,” the pair noted further.

They went on to write that the “acts of malice, violence, and threats” may constitute “a form of domestic terrorism.”



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