Walmart removed all belted cash registers at Garden Grove, CA store

Self checkout for all!

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From far left of the cart down to the gray wall behind the guy walking was where there used to be a line of cash registers.

Gone overnight!

Now you get to wait on the elderly, infirmed, and disabled folks to checkout.

I know someone who works at this store and they hound them daily about their vaxx status.

They’re over qualified to work there yet they’ve started treating them differently now because they refuse the clot-shot and they’ve warned fellow coworkers about vaxx dangers.

They were passed over this week for a promotion in favor of a lower ranked co-worker who is a total fuck up and high school dropout. She is, however, a proud pro-vaxxer with blue hair.

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Total dumb ass reward system in place there and unfortunately, too many are glad to play along.

They only started work there because their regular job went under and Walmart was the only store open during the COVID lock downs.

They want to remove humans to prevent those who didn’t take the death shot to receive food and goods without human intervention or human compassion intervening.

Walmart installed well designed automated turnstiles in all of their stores entrances within a week of COVID lock downs

Non feeling robots will be your overlords.

Welcome to Clown World!


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