Walmart Stores from Texas to Florida Close Today for 6 Months without Notice

What is going on? I just heard that numerous Wal-Mart stores from Texas to Florida are closing immediately for 6 month period due to “plumbing problems.” There was no pre-announcement and the store shelves were fully stocked. They even had to discount frozen goods 50% to get rid of the stock. They have given all employees a 2 month severance pay. Does this have anything to do with Jade Helm? I have heard that Wal-Mart has a contract with DHS to act as a command and logistics center for FEMA in case of a national emergency.
North Midland Wal-Mart Closing For At Least Six Months
Plumbing woes force Brandon Wal-Mart to close 6 months
North Wal-Mart to close for at least six months starting at 7 tonight
Oklahoma too!
Livingston, TX- um, that’s a lot of plumbing problems and all for 6 months…
This article says 5 stores for “plumbing problems.”

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