Proof of What JADE HELM 15 really is and why they are doing it. This is VERY important you read. Your life may depend on it.

Taken from elsewhere on the net (originally posted by SlowLoris).
JADE HELM is not new, JADE HELM is at the end of its exercise. We are just now learning about it just before the trap snaps shut.
JADE is an app
Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution
from the document
JADE (Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution) is a knowledge-based mixed-initiative system that supports force
deployment planning and management. JADE uses case-based and generative planning methods to support the development
of large-scale, complex deployment plans in minimal time. JADE incorporates the technology of three tools:
Prodigy-Analogy (a combined case-based and generative planner developed by Carnegie Mellon University); ForMAT
(Force Management and Analysis Tool) that supports case-based force deployment planning developed by BBN
Technologies); and PARKA (a highly-indexed knowledge based management system developed by the University of
With JADE, a military planner can build a preliminary force deployment plan, including the Time Phased Force
Deployment Data (TPFDD) in less than one hour. This speed in plan construction is possible because JADE supports the
rapid retrieval and reuse of previous plan elements for use in the development of new plans. In addition, JADE employs an
easy to use map-oriented drag and drop interface where force modules (FMs) from previous plans (cases) whose force
capabilities and composition match the requirements of the current situation can be dragged from the case library and
dropped onto a geographic destination. Plan modification and/or adaption is supported through remindings, e.g., each time
that a force module is created or is copied into a plan (TPFDD) the user is automatically reminded of the need for
geographical changes. :Unquote:
“Homeland Eradication of Local Militants”
JADE HELM has been ongoing for awhile. First came the infiltration into key communities and local militias and organizations to assess the risk. Second came the report and later deployment of the needed military equipment to the local sheriffs and police departments. We have seen the procurement of arms, ammunition, food and water in crazy amounts and then those supplies were delivered to key locations.
The trap is set, all is left is to herd us rats into the trap.
Connecting the dots…
So, now that we know what JADE HELM is I will fill you in on the why.
The revolutionary development of modern weapons within a world divided by serious ideological differences has produced a crisis in human history. In order to overcome the danger of nuclear war now confronting mankind, the United States has introduced at the Sixteenth General Assembly of the United Nations a Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.
This new program provides for the progressive reduction of the war-making capabilities of nations and the simultaneous strengthening of international institutions to settle disputes and maintain the peace. It sets forth a series of comprehensive measures which can and should he taken in order to bring about a world in which there will be freedom from war and security for all states. It is based on three principles deemed essential to the achievement of practical progress in the disarmament field:
First, there must be immediate disarmament action:
A strenuous and uninterrupted effort must be made toward the goal of general and complete disarmament; at the same time, it is important that specific measures be put into effect as soon as possible.
Second, all disarmament obligations must be subject
to effective international controls:
The control organization must have the manpower, facilities, and effectiveness to assure that limitations or reductions take place as agreed. It must also be able to certify to all states that retained forces and armaments do not exceed those permitted at any stage of the disarmament process.
Third, adequate peace-keeping machinery must be established:
There is an inseparable relationship between the scaling down of national armaments on the one hand and the building up of international peace-keeping machinery and institutions on the other. Nations are unlikely to shed their means of self-protection in the absence of alternative ways to safeguard their legitimate interests. This can only be achieved through the progressive strengthening of international institutions under the United Nations and by creating a United Nations Peace Force to enforce the peace as the disarmament process proceeds.
There follows a summary of the principal provisions of the United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.The full text of the program is contained in an appendix to this pamphlet.
The over-all goal of the United States is a free, secure, and peaceful world of independent states adhering to common standards of justice and international conduct and subjecting the use of force to the rule of law; a world which has achieved general and complete disarmament under effective international control; and a world in which adjustment to change takes place in accordance with the principles of the United Nations.
In order to make possible the achievement of that goal, the program sets forth the following specific objectives toward which nations should direct their efforts:
The disbanding of all national armed forces and the prohibition of their reestablishment in any form whatsoever other than those required to preserve internal order and for contributions to a United Nations Peace Force;
The elimination from national arsenals of all armaments, including all weapons of mass destruction and
the means for their delivery, other than those required for a United Nations Peace Force and for maintaining internal order;
The institution of effective means for the enforcement of international agreements, for the settlement of disputes, and for the maintenance of peace in accordance with the principles of the United Nations;
The establishment and effective operation of an International Disarmament Organization within the framework of the United Nations to insure compliance at all times with all disarmament obligations.
The negotiating states are called upon to develop the program into a detailed plan for general and complete disarmament and to continue their efforts without interruption until the whole program has been achieved. To this end, they are to seek the widest possible area of agreement at the earliest possible date. At the same time, and without prejudice to progress on the disarmament program, they are to seek agreement on those immediate measures that would contribute to the common security of nations and that could facilitate and form part of the total program.
The program sets forth a series of general principles to guide the negotiating states in their work. These make clear that:
As states relinquish their arms, the United Nations must be progressively strengthened in order to improve its capacity to assure international security and the peaceful settlement of disputes;
Disarmament must proceed as rapidly as possible, until it is completed, in stages containing balanced, phased, and safeguarded measures;
Each measure and stage should be carried out in an agreed period of time, with transition from one stage to the next to take place as soon as all measures in the preceding stage have been carried out and verified and as soon as necessary arrangements for verification of the next stage have been made;
Inspection and verification must establish both that nations carry out scheduled limitations or reductions and that they do not retain armed forces and armaments in excess of those permitted at any stage of the disarmament process; and
Disarmament must take place in a manner that will not affect adversely the security of any state.
The program provides for progressive disarmament steps to take place in three stages and for the simultaneous strengthening of international institutions.
The first stage contains measures which would significantly reduce the capabilities of nations to wage
aggressive war. Implementation of this stage would mean that:
The nuclear threat would be reduced:
All states would have adhered to a treaty effectively prohibiting tile testing of nuclear weapons.
The production of fissionable materials for use in weapons would be stopped and quantities of such materials from past production would be converted to non-weapons uses.
States owning nuclear weapons would not relinquish control of such weapons to any nation not owning them and would not transmit to any such nation information or material necessary for their manufacture.
States not owning nuclear weapons would no~ manufacture them or attempt to obtain control of such weapons belonging to other states.
A Commission of Experts would be established to report on the feasibility and means for the verified reduction and eventual elimination of nuclear weapons stockpiles.
Strategic delivery vehicles would he reduced:
Strategic nuclear weapons delivery vehicles of specified categories and weapons designed to counter such vehicles would be reduced to agreed levels by equitable and balanced steps; their production would be discontinued or limited; their testing would be limited or halted.
Arms and armed forces would be reduced:
The armed forces of the United States and the Soviet Union would be limited to 2.1 million men each (with appropriate levels not exceeding that amount for other militarily significant states); levels of armaments would be correspondingly reduced and their production would be limited.
An Experts Commission would be established to examine and report on the feasibility and means of accomplishing verifiable reduction and eventual elimination of all chemical, biological and radiological weapons.
Please click the link to learn more…
MANY Wal Mart Closings In Jade Helm States A Sign They Will Be Used In An Event
Published on Apr 14, 2015
With news of numerous Wal-Mart supercenters now being ‘temporarily closed’ (6+ months each which brings us to October 2015 or later) in at least 4 different states now tied to the Jade Helm 15 ‘exercises’ due to what we’re being told are ‘plumbing problems’, will these massive stores soon be used as ‘food distribution centers’ and to house the headquarters of invading troops from China, here to disarm Americans one by one as promised by Michelle Obama to the Chinese prior to Obama leaving the White House? Astute story commenters were quick to point out that any plumbing problem can be fixed in much less time than 6 months, even in such large supercenters, and to have several of these 6-month closings all at once in states tied to Jade Helm 15 and martial law exercises (Florida, Texas, California and Oklahoma) reeks of something much deeper than ‘plumbing issues’. The fact that China has DEMANDED Americans be disarmed and the scheduled ‘reopening dates’ (if they EVER reopen at all!) of these stores will be after Jade Helm 15 is completed are raising many questions about what is really going on among those who are paying attention to events in Barack Obama’s ‘new America’ as seen in more detail below. One reader tells us that one of these Wal-Mart stores had just recently been remodeled and didn’t have any plumbing problems while the note below is from a source who recently called her local Wal-Mart and discovered they may NEVER reopen!


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65 thoughts on “Proof of What JADE HELM 15 really is and why they are doing it. This is VERY important you read. Your life may depend on it.”

  1. From my heart I tell you I wish I did not believe this to be true, but to do so would make me a liar. At 72 years of age this may be the most disturbing domestic civil situation I will have ever been forced to confront. I shall not rant and rave about what should be done because I do not have the answer. You may say to me “if you do not know what to do, get out of the way because you are part of the problem” and I will understand. Anyone with a common sense solution is more than welcome and I may listen, but far be it from me to advise anyone to haphazardly to take up arms in protest of this. Do I believe it could come to that? The answer is yes my friend! However, I hope anyone entertaining such an idea will give it due consideration. For should it eventually come to that, I will be there also.

    • The Movie Dr. Stranglove has its sequel in real time, but a fantasy is a fantasy even in the minds of generals and leader of nations. We are nations.
      Semper Fi means what it means to Marines and what means to us is that life is not based on a lie nor hate, nor fear.
      Add organic sulfur to your diet twice a day and just say no to drugs, and armed traitors to the Constitution. No, these are not the droids you seek. Those in uniform are our children who may love life enough not to take a life. Traitors to the Constitution are not buried but left to rot on field of battle, when this land, your land, my land is the battlefield you will just how many Indians we are as George Armstrong Custer learned at Little Bull Run. We are all Indians. Semper Fi.
      Got sulfur?

        • You just read from a Marine who takes his oath to our Constitution seriously. This oath is for LIFE,
          WE have a so called president who pisses on our CONSTITUTION almost every day.
          Our oath says … against all enemies, foreign and domestic; This clause was put in in case we got a treasonous “government”. It is clear we have one NOW,
          Many a tyranny has ended when troops ordered to fire on their loved ones refused and in the end shot those giving the orders
          Great post Pat. Semper Fi. Say I can still hit the 18 inch bull at 200 yards almost EVERY time with my good old iron sights.

    • You have been living off of MANUFACTURE FEAR…Look, turn OFF FOX NEWS! Clearly you watch it WAY TOO MUCH! When nothing happens…then will you turn off Glen Beck and FOX NEWS…Try the BBC!

        • And not only will they shoot us Obama has replaced all those that might have been loyal to the American people with his people from the bottom up.. I hear that his reason for firing our service man was to hire Illegals who will follow his orders and it gives them citizenship which is Obama goal also.. There are so many blind people it is scary.. No discernment what so ever to see what is happening . Cnn, abc msnbc and all the alphabet networks will not tell the truth as Obama has threatened them all.. This was admitted by an news person on cnn that told how she left there because they could not report the news.. They could not report on Blacks or the WH anything that was negative. Obama orders…One day the people that are naysayers are going to be in for a rude awakening.. Many have woke up and are waking up to what is happening.. 61 % now regret voting for him.. Not that will help anything .. WE are far gone. To much that cannot be reversed that is very destructive to us.. God help America I pray.

    • “Take up arms”??? For what? Are you going to fight our own boys in uniform? Look, someone is lying to you. So ask yourself: who would want Americans fighting Americans?
      Not patriots. Not people who love America. Real Americans do not threaten war on our own military. Not really “Semper Fi” to turn your gun against your own country, is it?

      • Lonely Tune,
        the answer to your question is so obvious, and has been since the federal government has been working so hard to create racial, ethnic, and any other kind of warfare they possibly can. It started before this administration, but has escalated and become much more blatant with this one. It is ruled by the one world global government, aka the new world order.
        Unless you are one of their higher up “useful idiot puppets”, tell me again how stupid I look when you find yourself detained in a FEMA camp for resettlement, which may not be continental or include any of your family members.

        • “You find yourself detained in a FEMA camp for resettlement, which may not be continental or include any of your family members.”
          I am afraid the FEMA camps will be a death sentence. They may not kill you immediately but
          You will receive an initial round of “vaccinations” designed to kill you perhaps in a year of two or God only knows when. You will eat mostly GMO food PROVEN to make you sick in large amounts. There will be pandemic on going and you could easily “get seriously sick” and perhaps die.

          • Lou, to clean up an old quote “you got that feces right, Cheyenne” or at least near right.. FM 3-39.40 states that you will be allowed to carry nothing more than the clothes you are wearing into the FEMA camp, and it will quickly be exchanged for a garment with PW stamped on the back. Hopefully those with glasses, dentures, hearing aids, etc. will be allowed to keep them on or in until their demise. That is a lengthy manual but the first few chapters pretty much tells you that you be in a totally dependent, helpless to defend yourself or loved ones, or friends or neighbors under austere conditions.
            Suspect we can expect rapid triaging in the FEMA camps, which leaks have rumored that anyone over the age of 50 will be dispatched, as will all those with serious or chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, renal problems or those with physical or mental handicaps.

          • Thanks
            IMO the first use of the FEMA camps will be the “required” sheltering of the millions of homeless people who are to be created as a result of the engineered crashing of our economy.
            SEE FEMA camps are a good thing.

      • I have no idea where you were in early to mid 60’s during the civil rights protects but, I do know where I was! I was training for riot control! We were told, should we be called into action, we would be issued live ammunition and we were NOT to fire a warning shot into air as you see in movies but to fire to KILL! Now such on that tit awhile AH!

    • “if you do not know what to do, get out of the way because you are part of the problem”
      This is pure bull shit. Our first job is to wake up the sleeping masses. Knowing you are in mortal danger precedes every thing. It may keep you from watching the boob tube a little and start THINKING. We are about to lose it all unless things change RADICALLY.
      Clearly our Predicancy, our Congress and our Supreme Court have been subverted.
      Article 5, Section 4 says each State Party “shall provide its national control list to the Secretariat, which shall make
      it available to other States Parties.” Which means our federal government will provide the guns and ammo registration list to the UN, which will provide it to Russia, China, Cuba — any and every State Party that wants it.
      Please wake up.

      • As I am old and lose my patience is no excuse for being crass. However, I am sick and tired of all the judgmental AHs that have all the FKN answers! You are correct in what you state about our Fed Gov’t. but, do you have your piece and ammo registered? If so, you are FKD! Now, add to that ALL travel, communications, readily available food, water and medical supplies etc. will be under the control of the Military. Where the hell do you go from there?? TYVM…Have a nice day….Come again….Semper Fi.

  2. Email this article to your elected representatives in Washington, D.C. and ask them what was in those FBI files Hillary Clinton had the FBI to bring to her at the White House that was so bad that they could be blackmailed into destroying their country from within?????

  3. Biggest pile of HORSE HOCKEY EVER! this is pure tabloid junk…I mean really! The US Military is going to stand by and allow an INVADING ARMY of Chinese to subdue the entire (133 MILLION) population of this country. That MASSIVE army has to fit into 4 Wal-Mart supercenters…PLEASE! I guess the REPUBLICANS are in on this too right? I mean, this to be true the level of CO-OPERATION at the top levels of GOVERNMENT would have to be massive. NOT ONLY having AMERICAN Admirals and Generals as well as ten of thousands of US TROOPS in on the PLOY.. Sorry, I had to stop for a moment cause I fell to the floor LAUGHING! How many guns are in private hands? How much ammo? There are more weapons than people. Almost 250 million firearms in public hands. Now you tell me how ANY army is going to be able to subdue the American population? Let alone control the US Military who will be in open revolt because that is not what WE signed up for…YOU PEOPLE ARE JUST SO STUPID…I don’t know if I should openly mock you or pity your ignorance and hatred of our country and our military. If you HATE our military so much then lobby to have EVERY military installation removed. I know this, when it comes to Texas and future military spending, no one will be in too much of a hurry to award Texas anything. Hell, I YEAH! Move our military out of TEXAS and let them deal with the boarder and the drug warlords on their own! If you knew anything about the way our government works you would know how stupid this whole MADE UP story is. Who is telling it and what is their REAL agenda? It is either MONEY, POWER or BOTH! Get educated and learn something before you hurt yourself and stop attacking the Military! Look up this phrase…”OPFOR” we have been using it for decades! JADEN HELM is a COMBAT READINESS EXERCISE with a STAGED theme as the state of warfare is ALWAYS in flux. You think people would want our military to be ready? NOT THESE IDIOTS! There has to be a conspiracy cause that is what they heard! Well….SO AND SO said it, so it must be true! MORONS!

    • You may get to eat those words one day.. And choke on them.. Texas has more than its share of Soldiers. If you knew how this administration worked you might not be so fast to run yur mouth.. Made up? HEll no it is not.. Put 2 and 2 together from the past 61/2 yrs and if you can’t not get 4 you are just blind as a liberal bat. Time will tell all things.. I pray we have time.. The only conspiracy comes from Obama. But I don’t expect you to see that for you have scales over your liberal eyes.. If you knew your History you would see how a nation of people can be taken over.. Do you need food? do you need water? do you need milk for your babies? Do we need utilities? Obama now controls , which he gave to himself the power, all our utilities, the airways. How are you going to ever organize against a power trying to take you over with no Communication? HE has by executive order given himself power over food , utilities, ammunition, airwaves, every aspect of our lives he controls with the flip of a switch.. ONE day he shut down our internet and TV to see if he could.. Remember that? You are very naitive. The biggest pile of Horse hockey is what you have swallowed !Obama lies and America dies… Mark my words.. I am 70 yrs old and I have seen a lot and learned a lot in those years.. Politics has been my biggest interest in life.. I have watched our Gov. become more and more corrupt to the point of no return maybe now.. If we do not act soon no need to try later.. It will all be set in stone. Some things already are.. By the way….. this nation depends on Texas for most of its livelihood.. Yep you would miss Texas but Texas will never miss a liberal.. I say this in all sincerity and concern for our once great America.. The younger generation has a lot to learn. They are way to trusting and dependant on the Gov.. They do not think for themselves.. It is what can the Gov. do for me..I pity those that are going to face what is to come. I am sad for my grandchildren that they will never know the beautiful America I did.. I miss her!

      • I don’t know, nor am I interested in your conspiracy wet dreams. If you want to believe that stuff, it’s a free country. Where I draw the line is when you piss all over our men and women in uniform. Your theory that our military would allow the Chinese military to occupy any piece of this country is not only blasphemy but treason in my eyes. You people have spun so many lies out there about our military you don’t even remember how it starts. To put the cherry on the cake you state that “Texas has more than its share of soldiers” as if that ment you and your conspiracy fanatics were ready to challenge the U.S. Military! What kind of twinkled toe, communist c@ck sucker are you? You say I’ a liberal because I won’t buy into your wet dream hillbilly jerk off feast? What the hell kind of American are you that calls out our soldiers and accuses them of what would be tantamount to treason? Don’t you think we should have a trained military? What lessons do you think have been learned in the last 12 years and how in the hell are they gonna train to occupy a FOREIGN country like we have done? I’d like to see you make those accusation to a group of special operators. Hell, I’d like to see all of you make your accusations about our military to their faces you fregg’n cowards! I spent 12 years defending this country only to have you jack wagons calling US conspirators. How much support do you think this president has with the troops? You people went too far when you accused Those of us in the military as a TOOL for the president. You WENT TOO FAR!

        • “Your theory that our military would allow the Chinese military to occupy
          any piece of this country is not only blasphemy but treason in my eyes.”
          Sir are you aware that 70 miles north of the Mexican border there are armed gangs of paramilitary armed with automatic weapons who are guarding the illegal alien and drug running routes into the USA. The local Sheriff says there is no way he can control the foreign gangs.
          Why is the Military not ordered to retake this American soil from a foreign invader?
          Because our treasonous Dictator will not order it.
          This has NOTHING to do with our Patriotic men and women in uniform.
          It is ALL about their treasonous so called Commander.

        • “Your theory that our military would allow the Chinese military to occupy any piece of this country is not only blasphemy but treason in my eyes. ” Being bought by CHINA is okay though, right!?

    • “The US Military is going to stand by and allow an INVADING ARMY of
      Chinese to subdue the entire (133 MILLION) population of this country.”
      The population is a lot closer to 333 million.
      So why did our Kenyan puppet dictator get rid of 300 to 400 of our HIGHEST Patriotic Military Commanders. This is unprecedented in the history of the USA. Do you think it might be they were refusing to follow his treasonous orders.
      Please give me a possible reason.
      A purging of the Military ALWAYS happens before the Military can be used against the Citizens.

  4. tankrose, you are a despicable bought and paid for shill or troll for the one world government, aka the new world order. The HORSE HOCKEY you see is in your criminally insane brain. Go crawl back under your rock. Your idiotic name calling does nothing to change anything said in this report.

    • I dare you to find any US soldier who would go along with the massive conspiracy you are imagining. There is no way this is anything more than what our military needs: Training in desert areas and fighting terrorists in the middle east. Do you really want the billions that the Army spends in Texas every year to go somewhere else? You idiots would cut off your nose to spite your face?
      Wake up, someone has hypnotized you, and you don’t even know it.
      Believe the gossip but disbelieve your government, and the US military? Buddy you have been lied to and now you look stupid.
      Look at this article. You know how you can tell its a package of lies? No authorship, no research, no verifiable quotes from actual leaders… its a smear campaign and you are a sheep because you let someone (you don’t even know who!) pull the wool over your eyes.

    • Wondering Woman
      If you had ANY experience with the MILATARY or our Government you would know
      this is NOTHING but a PLOY to stir the pot. The TEA PARTY needs to stay
      relevant in an election cycle. What PROOF do you or any of your “Area
      51” conspiracy theorist have to support ANY of your claims? I have been a
      part of what is known as RED FLAG (silver flag alpha) and we use a map of the
      west and desert south west to “SIMULATE” combat operations on FORGIEN
      SOIL! So, if you had one of our maps you would jump to the CONCLUSTION that we
      will be preforming AIR STRIKES on Arizona and Utah. This is the problem a
      “Source” says that he knows a guy who knows a guy who heard a story
      from a guy….Who is this “Texas Ranger” that you people keep
      trotting out? Walker Texas RANGER! LOL! Feed on your fear and let your HATE
      keep you warm while the rest of us sit back and LAUGH at you! How did Y2K
      workout for you? You’re just another CHICKEN LITTLE running around telling
      everyone that the Sky is falling, the sky is falling! I have EARNED the right
      to MOCK you since I DID stand a post and have served! What the HELL have you
      done other than spit on our service members? The people who are responsible for
      this should be arrested for Treason and inciting a REBELLION! YOU HAVE NO SUPPORT FROM THE DEMOCRATS and MORE IMPORTANTLY THE REPUBLICANS have all but disowned your very existence. I was once a member of the TEA PARTY until the LOONS came and took over the movement. Now it is beholden to the KOCH’s and the KRAZIES! Look at it like this, you can CLAIM that your VIGILANCE kept the American Military from INVADING AMERICA…ROTFLMAO! I am wondering, Wondering Women, do you believe EVERYTHING you read in the National Enquirer and on the WEB or are you a SPECIAL ED kind of person? Can’t understand why you people HATE the military so much?

      • Seems like I struck a nerve by calling attention to your lack of the brilliance to dazzle but an overload of BS for trying to baffle everyone. Failed again, tankrose. You are still what you are, which makes me seriously doubt that you ever served any time in our military. If you had you would be more than PO’d by what this administration is doing to our veterans – older ones and recent returnees. I admit never serving the military, but had 6 siblings, numerous uncles, cousins who did, and some of them did not come back and some of those who did come back lives were never the same as they were before seeing combat. This does not give me the right to mock anyone and mocking anyone is not one of my favorite things to do, as it seems to be yours, but I do believe in sharing what is likely to be the truth and it is not to be found in the Enquirer or other sleazy sheets you might read or in the mainstream media which has become nothing more than a propaganda outlet for the one world global government, aka the new world order.
        Since you seem to be wasting time on the Enquirer, perhaps you should spend more time on things like the FBI’s latest pamphlet on what to watch for in terrorists, like all our older veterans and our currently returning troops. You might even become aware of this administration’s move to prevent all veterans from owning guns, as well as their obvious efforts to disarm all American citizens. While on this subject, reading Lott’s book on More Guns: Less Crime which is another source of truth might help you if you are really interested in truth.
        Truth is something I have found to be seldom told by the politicians, especially those in Washington, DC.
        I find it very disgusting that this administration has plenty of money to import illegal aliens and render all kinds of service from medical to welfare, at taxpayers expense, yet our veterans are being given “Sorry but we are not accepting any new patients” when they apply for help from the VA Hospitals or VA Clinics. Another thing I find distressing is those like you who claim to have served in the military, and see nothing wrong with what is being done by this administration
        It makes me proud when I do read a blog from a true veteran who states that he “swore to support and protect our Constitution from both foreign and domestic threats” and would never fight against American citizens and most of them are not happy that our politicians are not living up to that same oath that they took.
        tankrose, are you happy with the job your politicians are and have been doing.
        If you are – may I ask what country’s military did you serve in???
        Were you one of those foreign or UN troops on American soil?

        • Wonderiing women, NO you didn’t strike a nerve. However, I find it so interesting that you and your conspiracy theroiest really think that the Obama administration has their SHICK together too the point where they can use the military to envade your tiny little town and take your guns. I have read so many variation of this PLOT that it get goofier and goofier every day. The Chinese are using wal-marts to house troops that will take over Texas, the Military is going to seize the most LOYAL TEXANS and send them to internment camps oh…and lets not forget my personal fav! That the military is going to wage war on ISIS in TEXAS! Oh..GEEZ! That is my favorite. ISIS can’t even hold onto it own territory and is running out of ammo and troops. So they are going to call a “TIME OUT” and meet our troops in your town? OH and let’s not forget the LIBERAL AGENDA! To take your guns!
          Number of weapon and ammo manufacturing companies before OBAMA?
          3 thousand…now..over 8 THOUSAND! So, the president allows the gun industry unfretted access, more than at any time in our history and now he wants those guns back? WHAT?!? You say I never served..really? So I am a liar? Tell me what is 81172? here let me give you the more current one 3PO72. ALSO find out what is this military designation. A.A.R.G….WELL!!! YOUR SO SMART TELL US!! As for your FBI reports..I’ve read them off and on for almost 25 years. So you are cherry picking some data and misrepresenting others. GIVE US the FBI report number or its file designation so we can read the ACTUAL document. Oh, you don’t have that information do you? Oh..Someone TOLD you about it! You won’t heed reason so let me quote your own TEXANS. Lets start with the “TEXAS RANGER” you guys keep talking about. By the way..HE WAS ONCE A 811X0…look it up! Chuck had this to say,
          “The U.S. government says, ‘It’s just a training exercise.’ But I’m not sure the term ‘just’ has any reference to reality when the government uses it,” Norris wrote in his column. “Whatever Jade Helm 15 actually is, I think it is more than coincidental that the FBI director just confessed in February that the presence of ISIS can be felt in all 50 states of the U.S. and that the Pentagon is suddenly running its biggest military training exercise with every branch of the military across seven Southwestern states.”
          Former GOV. PERRY says, “It’s OK to question your government. I do it on a regular basis. But the military is something else,” Perry, a potential 2016 contender, told the Dallas Morning News on Tuesday.
          “Our military is quite trustworthy. The civilian leadership, you can always question that, but not the men and women in uniform,” he added.
          One thing is for sure wondering women, You label everyone who doesn’t buy into your envastion fantasy as a liberal or unpatriotic and that is PATHETIC! You can take it out on me or others who have half a brain, but DON’T YOU DARE TAKE IT OUT ON MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS in the military. THEY DON”T DESERVE IT! That is what you WAKKOS don’t understand. YOU are saying that our military would WILLINGLY do this! NOT POSSIALBE and the MILIARY had NEVER made JADE HELM a secret!

          • How did you get such a TWISTED version of what I wrote, especially where our military troops are concerned?
            I am disgusted with the way our military troops are currently being treated as well as veterans who are no longer in the military. Nothing is more disgusting than the hypocrite politicians sitting safely far from any danger with armed guards protecting them, talking of cutting the pay and the pensions of our troops – yet they frequently vote themselves a cost of living raise, while others get none.. Don’t forget Obama’s proposal that our troops use their personal insurance before seeking help from the government, even for combat injury. Yet you have the audacity to try and twist what I said and seem to praise what this man has done and is doing to them ever since he usurped the White House.
            Since you seem to prefer numbers, try looking up AGENDA 21, Department of State Publications 7277, and FM3-39.40, That last one should keep you occupied for an hour or two. Oh yes, do look up REX84 which was exercises authorized by Ronald Reagan in 1984 to test FEMA’s ability to contain and control American citizens in the FEMA camps.
            Don’t know where you got those statistics on gun manufacturers, but its veracity is doubtful.

          • Well, first of all I have no idea where you are coming from. My first post was all about this IDEA that our military is going to invade TEXAS.. I mean how stupid can that be? How many Military Bases are there in TEXAS? How can a MILITARY invade itself? I was stationed at one and enjoyed my time there. I would say which but you called me a LIAR. So you have to figure it out, I gave you the clues. As for the weapon read FBI reports, then you should know that 47% of applicants for a firearm are denied because they are felons. As for the number of Weapons Manufactures, have you been in a Gun store lately? How many NAMES on weapons would you know from just 5 years ago. From where I sit, Obama has been a HUGE BOOM to the industry. Every time they yell BOO, people run and wipe out supplies. Now I can get ammo without a 2nd mortgage. Next is all this other stuff about Agenda 21 is a G,W. Bush thing and Agenda 21 is a legally non-binding statement of intent and not a treaty, the United States Senate was not required to hold a formal debate or vote on it. It is therefore not considered to be law under Article Six of the United States Constitution. President George H. W. Bush was one of the 178 heads of government who signed the final text of the agreement at the Earth Summit in 1992, As for all that other stuff your rambling on about…I still have no idea what that has to do with JADE HELM..You are injecting other issues that has NOTHING TO DO with what I was commenting on. SO, did you look up those numbers?…you are the one who called me a prove it. I am NOT a REPUBLICAN nor am I a DEMOCRAT, but because I challenge this notion of a Military takeover I am somehow an OBAMA supporter,, if it makes you feel better. See, you look at America as RED and BLUE…I see just AMERICANS. Do you think We care what your political affiliation is when the bullets fly? NO! and that is where YOU have LOST perspective because you fail to do the most basic of research and understand ONE THING..EVERYONE has an AGENDA! HOWEVER! when it comes to the President, I have defended and protected both, H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. My job has NO BEARING on what the public thinks of job is to do my job. I really don’t care about all the politics you seem to care about. What I do know is that no matter who is in that chair, he is and was my commander in chief and we can’t afford to have a military that acts like you do. We follow LAWFUL orders handed down. JADEN HELM is an EXERCISE and I now understand why you people have been making such a ruckus. To draw attention to all this other STUFF your going on about. Look, he is going to be out of office soon, so buckle up there butter cup. You can go after the government and politics all you want…but stay off the military’s back. That is what you have done, dragged our service members into the mud to bring attention to your complaints..REALLY! Chinese taking over Wal-Mart’s and then subduing American’s with our troops help? COME ON! HAVE YOU READ ALL OF THE CRACK POT THEORIES? If you can’t admit that most of that stuff is non-sense then I think we all know where you’re really coming from. One of your JADE HELM conspiracy pals was asking question of Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria, who stood there for 3 hours and answered DUMB ASS questions. He keep repeating this EXERCISE has no element of invation…so tell me what was the RESPONSE..”Says You!” Yeah, says an ARMY Lt. Col. so let me guess he is a plant or has had his mind altered? Not to worry, the BRAC list will start again and there is ALREADY talk of moving 3 MAJOR military installations out of TEXAS and into a more “AMERICAN LOVING” state. One thing is FOR SURE, there will be NO future military exercises in TEXAS..Nevada will get that money! So, we’ll just leave you and your state militia to your conspiracy theories! Last question, Who released that map? THE MILITARY! DUH! Now why would the MILITARY release a map of an ACTUAL invasion to the people being invaded? You People watch WAY TOO MUCH TV!

          • tankrose, me thinks that you need to turn off that TV, and stay away from other mainstream media which has become nothing more than the one world global government, aka the new world order.
            If you are as naïve as you sound, you have had your head stuck in the sand too long, and you probably will not have time to really figure out what is really going on all over the planet. It isn’t just here in America.
            I will give you one more idea that might get you off the TV and your head out of the sand. Don’t have that much time to take someone by the hand and lead them through what you should be able to navigate yourself.
            Go to you and when you get to their site, type “Clinton Agrees With Bush” into their search window. That should clue you in to start looking for real news – not spoonfed
            You can choose to remain in your comfortable zone of denial, but I won’t be responding
            to any of your posts in the future as I fear you are a hopeless case. As Maxine, my favorite cartoon lady says “You can’t fix stupid”, nor can one fix naivety – whichever your case may be.

          • Just like all conspiracy theorist you dance around without answering the question. That question was, do you honestly think that our military would invade a bodunk town in Texas and do what? Take away your guns., even though there are more guns in private hands than ever. The NRA reports an annual increase of 46% in gun sales compounded from the previous year. 1.5 billion fire arms , that is enough evidence weapons so that every one of our 133 Million citizens to own 2.4 guns each. I got that right offf the NRA’s own website. So your saying that without request from the state of Texas and without constitutional powers, our President will invade some jerk water town in no where Texas? That is what you saying? This agenda 21 is more crap. Non binding and not a legal document, I quests you missed that part. Just because you read on the Internet or watch it on you tube doesn’t make it credible. Hell, the Republican Party would love it if it were true and so would I. Cause frankly our government can’t do the simplest things without fracking it up. It would be nice to have a government that could pull something like that off. However just like all conspracy theories it takes little to no proof and only the gullibility of an undereducated people to buy into this non-sense. So, let put our money where our mouth is. If your right and I’m wrong then I’ll have a shirt made that says, “WONDERING WOMEN WAS RIGHT” If I’m right and nothing happens other then a military exercise then you must wear a shit that proclaims you are with Hilary Clinton. So we would both agree to place and image of the loser on Facebook and Twitter. Time to put up or shut up. You either believe an invasion of America by American WILL happen or not…the rest is all noise.

          • “You either believe an invasion of America by American WILL happen or not…the rest”
            Yes this is what I believe.
            Ann Colter says One quarter of the country of Mexico have been brought into America. We have an Invasion ongoing, No doubt some of these are Fifth Column Paramilitary if not Special Forces. My mother in law who works at a gun store on the edge of the desert says many of her customers are NATO types, implying a large base in the middle of nowhere houses Foreign Military. Bush fired one or two. Our Kenyan puppet president has fired between 300 and 400 of our patriotic top Military Commanders. One of the fired commanders Admiral Lyons said “One day Obama ordered Me to attack ISIS, The next day Obama ordered me to help ISIS. Obama is a traitor.” As the General Staff is comprised the purge will move down the ranks until our Military will do anything a traitor like Obama orders. This process is as old as the hills please research it. Tyrants ALWAYS order their Military to attack their citizenry in the end.
            Foreign Military troops are coming into this country for joint operations with the US Military. One of these operations took place at the Denver Airport with the Russian Special Forces. The Denver Airport is to be used in case of an “Emergency” to house the highest levels of the US Government. The Denver Airport was constructed to accomplish this. The Russians were no doubt being familiarized with this Top Secret architecture. Why? Once the government has been decapitated control of the US falls under “contingency government” These guys will IMO are planned to be traitors.

  5. You mean people are stupid enough to believe this crap? Come on, people, I know you are smarter than this! It is so anti-American to spread these ignorant rumors. Do you really hope that people will panic and attack our soldiers?
    If sane, you belong in jail for espousing harm to our troops. Otherwise you should be in a mental hospital so your disease can be diagnosed.
    Shame on you. You are either a troublemaker or an idiot.

  6. First of all the military are not nore have they ever faught for our so called freedom, the military are pawns in a much larger game of world domination. The 1% have 45% of the wealth of everyone 99% of the people on the planet. IWB brings forth good intel on the situation involving jade helm and the reasons for such a move against the citizens of america is not so far fetched as some would like to believe. The reason they are doing all of this is the real question and its simple the economy is on the verge of callapse, ever since the 2008 banker bailout the debt bubble has been building. Not just america but the entire global economy will fall aswell by design. China’s economy has already collapsed, thats why there buying up everything so when its all said and done china will litterally own the united states land and anything on that land. Supported by the cabal aka the UN. The reason for all the fear mongering about meteors hitting the earth sep. 23 is to take our eyes off of the inevitability of our weak fragile economy. In 2007 80% of the GDP income went to the 1% its not police or the military we should be revolting against but the tyrranical banker cabal hiding in their fortresses and underground bunkers. The brics is a counter movement against the dominance of the dollar throughout the world. (Brics) brazil, russia, china, south africa. This is the red flag that the economy is going to collapse very soon. Their is a a war being waged in the shadows for humanity against the cabal. Its the elite VS the red dragon family, china based family aka good guys. Both want economic collapse but red dragon needs to destroy the old to rebuild the new. September to november is the great awakening. All will be revealed have patience and get prepared.

  7. “Firearm’ shall mean any portable barreled weapon that expels, is designed to expel or may be readily converted to expel a shot, bullet or projectile by the action of an explosive, excluding antique firearms or their replicas”
    These are your guns.
    ARTICLE 14
    States Parties shall designate national points of contact to act as a liaison on matters relating to the implementation of this Treaty.
    States Parties shall cooperate closely with one another, as appropriate, to enhance the implementation of this Treaty consistent with their respective security interests and legal and administrative systems.
    Article 15 International Assistance
    “States Parties shall afford one another the widest measure of assistance, consistent with their respective legal and administrative systems, in investigations, prosecutions and judicial proceedings in relation to the violations of the national measures implemented to
    comply with obligations under of the provisions of this Treaty.”
    Do you think it is possible that “technical assistance” could be construed as asking for help to confiscate small arms from a Citizenry that refuses to turn them in?
    Hell yes.
    So now it is “legal” to invite in our enemies to take away the guns form Americans.

  8. This excellent video tells what the “Jade” stands for and what it is. I have set the video to start at an understandable portion of some KEY information; if you have the time and inclination please view it. It becomes more and more understandable each time you watch the whole video.
    The KEY phrase is “They are building Sky Net” yes they are only Sky Net will not take over; at least for a while.
    “Jade Helm” is ostensibly a testing of this trillion dollar software. OR it is more.

  9. Well I finally found out what “Jade Helm” could mean or could not mean.
    In the video below we see Jade is a massive Artificial Intelligence System designed to identify “enemies” and if desired execute them with no or little human intervention. Right now this execution is to be done by Special Forces; later drones in the air.
    “Jade Helm” simply means Jade is at the Helm.


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