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by settanitti

First, There isn’t any good in being perma bears or bulls that is so stupid the only gang that you want to join is PRINTING GANG.

Second, This is what I made today +1,193.36, you see how I only make 1 trade? I don’t see any entry point so I didn’t do anything all day, Sometime BEST POSITION IS NO POSITION and This year so far +$425,443.23 which on average I made 3.42% per trade so DON’T GET GREEDY and TAKE THE PROFIT. Not every trade is a win, you can’t win them all but if you can make 3.5% per trade and you do that 20 times in a day. You will double your initial money. I did that many times Sample 1 Sample 2.

Third, During high VIX time. The only 2 ways to make money which either YOU SELL THE OPTIONS or YOU DAY TRADE. If you don’t have $25k then I’m sorry this game is not for you.

Fourth, I have day traded options for about 14 years since I was 22. Right now the market is ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity. Like my man EMINEM once said “Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity, To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, Would you capture it, or just let it slip? Yo” so don’t let it slip.

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  • Get in and get out don’t be greedy.
  • Have an entry and exit price in mind before you open the trade. So learn how to cut losses and take the profit.
  • If you made a bad trade. Get out, cut losses and try again, Don’t bagholding it and pray. God is not real. Santa is also not real.
  • Learn your greeks if you don’t know what it is just BING IT.
  • Once you have closed your position. Just forget about it. Don’t look back. Move on to the next trade. HINDSIGT IS ALWAYS 20/20.
  • Keep in your mind that if you trading options without any underlying then you are GAMBLING. This is not investing and stop calling your bankroll “portfolio”.
  • If you are degenerate gambler like me this is what I do with my bankroll. I put whatever I feel comfortable losing in my trading account. The rest I keep in my checking account (separate institution). So when my retard brain tell me to do stupid shit, I don’t lost it all. By the time I need to move more money into my bankroll, my head will be cleared (hopefully) and stop doing stupid shit.


  • DON’T GAMBLE MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE It’s sad that I have to say this. Use the money on important first, rent, mortgage, car payment, food, etc.
  • DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT be Horrified OMissing Out. Just remember that it is better making no money than losing money so assess the market before make a trade.
  • Don’t all in, this is not a world poker series. There is no such a thing as a sure trade.
  • Don’t take any DD with face vaule. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. DD on here is just your starting point. It stands for DUE DILIGENCE for christ sake not DONE DEAL.
  • If you win on one trade. It is already your money. Don’t use your tard brain and think that now you are gambling with a house money.
  • Don’t be a MONEY HATER person. Let’s say your position drop 50%, assess it. Imagine that if you have the money now, Would you get in to this position at this market price. If the answer is no, then cut the loss and exit the position. IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW MUCH YOU PAID FOR IT What matter is what it will be in the future.
  • Stop using robinhood and use any real broker. I use Charlie’s most of my trading friend use IBKR
  • Don’t be poor go find $25,000 and day trade if you don’t have $25,000 then go live your live until you have it.


  • Yeah you head it before “Scared money don’t make no money” but what if I tell you “Stupid money also don’t make no money” So please DD before you get in any position.
  • DIAMOND HAND isSTUPID concept. Get that out of your system, STAT! If you think your position will loss value and you will just diamond hand through it, don’t you dumb. Just sell and buy back when it is cheaper!
  • NOONE knows where the market will go. I repeat NOONE! So don’t fall for the scam.
  • TA is standing for Technical Astrology so if you need a book I recommend this one.
  • What goes up might not come down. What went down might not come up. YES I AM TALKING TO YOU JNUGGER!


Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.


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