Want to See How FAKE NEWS is Developed? HERE is a CLEAR EXAMPLE

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Ok..so here is the HEADLINE (On Drudge no less)

NIH Treatment Guidelines Reject “Trump Backed” Drug Combo

Pretty damning isn’t it? So lets open their link;


U.S. Virus Guidelines Reject Trump-Backed Drug Combination There it is again..that damning HEADLINE.

NOW…lets go over to the actual National Institutes of Health Website to see what this panel of doctors actually have to say about the “therapeutic options” available as we speak;


Unlike the Bloomberg damning HEADLINES designed for the sole purpose of ridiculing the President’s mere discussion of hope provided by drug hydroxychloroquine the actual report tells us there are no conclusions yet. More studies need to be conducted.

THIS is how they work the TRUTH folks…they focus on the Presidents (a layperson) simple talking about potential benefits and make it appear to the average person “experts” have rejected these ideas……ANYTHING to make ORANGE MAN look bad…that is how they do it!

Please…don’t be a HEADLINE READER….this is what they count on…the people who only read the headlines…don’t do it!


h/t FeedYourHead


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