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I’ve been scanning for a name ever since the BBC camerman was attacked by a “”””TRUMP SUPPORTER””””””

So I ran across this in my search…

Trump Supporter Who Attacked BBC Cameraman at Rally May Not Be Charged: El Paso DA
During the El Paso rally Monday night, a Trumpk*n “violently pushed” a BBC cameraman. The DA’s office says it will not press charges.

Man who ambushed the press at Trump’s El Paso rally won’t be charged

A sheriff’s office spokesperson said they do not have a name of the suspect because none of the victims came forward to file a formal complaint, which would have propelled an investigation and charges.

And in reading the article…. NO NAME WAS MENTIONED!

Now, If you have been to any Trump rallies, you know they have your name on the guest list. They have every last persons name that is in attendance. They know the name. But neither side released a name which would have exposed MSM for staging the attack.

Second, the BBC did not push for any charges. WHY NOT?
If the guy really did “assault” the BBC homo, why would he, nor the BBC pursue charges?

Third, Why was this person allowed to leave? Again, if you have been to any Trump rally, you know there is almost one person of security detail for every 4 attendees.

They mentioned this guys name right away… And he was arrested and charged.

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Trump Supporter Charged With Assault on Orlando Sentinel Journalist Covering President’s 2020 Rally

Seems to me this is a Jussie Smollett type event.

Was this to take attention off the anniversary of Parkland since it happened two days prior and dominated the newscycle?
Did he pulled the hat out of his coat?
Did he wear it to get into the event?
His look and demeanor are highly suspicious.

If you appreciate diligence with not forgetting, and want more people to see this, perhaps you will pine?

A BBC reporter standing on the platform said his cameraman appeared to be the focus of the attacker. According to police, the BBC did not file a complaint or report with local law enforcement.

Secret Service said its personnel did not escort the man out of the El Paso County Coliseum following the incident and that event staff were the ones who did. A Trump campaign official in the media section confirmed afterward it was a non-media person who had intentionally gone after reporters.

Paul Danahar, BBC News Americas bureau editor, told the Washington Examiner in an email Tuesday he had written the White House and Trump campaign about the incident and would not be saying anything else about it.

The Trump campaign, White House, El Paso Police Department, and Secret Service did not respond with information on the incident.




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